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Child's Play Healing Newsletter, Issue #006
January 14, 2015
Hi <>,

It's been a long time since I wrote to you in this format and a New Year has arrived which feels like it will be a BEAUTY! Happy 2015 to you and yours!

New name for my website

I’ve decided to move my entire website from to a domain name that’s shorter and more unique. Research yielded a few possibilities, my favorite being, however that was taken by a dealer in domain names who wanted over $4,000 for it! My name being so common (or popular I prefer to say) ruled out a domain like

So, to really confuse web-browsers, I’ve resorted to a word I made up long ago which has been a family plaything until now: lubish.

According to the Modern Michael‘s Dictionary the definition of lubish is:

Lubish – /lub-ish/ adj. 1. lovely, in a fun way; full of light and love, joyful, free; 2. healed and whole.

- n. 1. a person who is loved or beloved, dear one. 2. Any animal, pet, place or situation that you feel warm affection towards. Also Lubishness.

- pl: lubishes /lub-ish-ez/

To read the whole wonderful history of lubish, see this page All About Lubish


The move will take a day or two so the site may be down for a few hours later this week. Also, my email address will change to however mail sent to will still get through…so I’m told.

The Reconnection and The Synchronicity Key*

Sharon woke up on the morning of her first Reconnection session and checked her clock: 3:33. She checked her phone: 3:33 then proceeded to the kitchen where both digital displays showed the same time: 3:33.

At 11am she arrived for her appointment where we began with an explanation of the three aspects of The Reconnection:

• The form and pattern of the procedure which we’ll complete in the two sessions

• The philosophy or consciousness of the work, which begins with the understanding that we are all connected and the healing comes from within and which unfolds over a lifetime

• The exchange of 333, which brings an enhanced awareness of the synchronicities in our everyday lives and our relationships with those around us.

Noticing synchronicities like 3:33 is one way that we can expand our appreciation of life.

The Reconnection is an important application of the Reconnective Healing frequencies that’s done in person. Its primary function is to accelerate the evolutionary progress of consciousness in humanity and to serve as a powerful instrument for growth in our lifetime.

My favorite description of The Reconnection is on Holly and Paul’s website, Akashic Healing Studio. And if you live in or near California, give them a call.

Akashic Healing Studio - The Reconnection

* The Synchronicity Key – The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You - is a book by David Wilcock that shows how science and spirit are finally catching up to each other.

“In this new science everything is alive, including planets, stars, galaxies.” (from chapter nine, “The Hero and His Song”

Results - awesome or subtle

What has been your experience with Reconnective Healing? I see the whole range of results from immediate, physical changes to those that take place over a long period and I always love to hear from you, so use that Reply button to you heart's content or add your story to the site here: YOUR stories
While you're there, check out some great new testimonials and a video. Best wishes to you always,

Michael Taylor

Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Reconnective Kids Instructor

Phone: 0404 089 777

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