Connected Kids
A New, Unique Workshop for Tasmanian Schools

Mindfulness +Connection = Balance + Healing
The Art and Science of Healing for Primary School Students

Connected Kids exercise in Tasmanian schoolPrimary school students exploring one of the Connected Kids exercises: 'Feel the Fields'

As a teacher for many years I recognise that some of the biggest challenges for educators today are

  • Behaviour management
  • Social and emotional problems, including bullying
  • Overcrowded curriculum
  • High expectations of parents and ‘the system’ ...i.e.stress

Since 2011 I have introduced many Tasmanian students and some parents and teachers to an activity that can go a long way to alleviating many stress-related issues in schools, if practiced regularly. This program is taught around the world by qualified teachers and is known as Connected Kids.

Connected Kids is an empowering experience which enables children

  • to help themselves and others to feel balanced and calm
  • to recognise and feel their connection to self and others
  • to demystify concepts of healing, health and wellness
  • to understand the science of magnetic fields and biofields


Outline of the Workshop

"This feels so...RIGHT!"

Grade 6 boy,

St. Aloysius Catholic College, Hobart, 2017

The 1.5-hour workshop begins with a clarification of common terms in energy healthcare: energy, light, information, magnetic and gravitational fields. It also looks at the current role of parents and healthcare practitioners and how they can help when we are off balance either mentally, emotionally or physically and how we can take responsibility for our health and wellbeing.


The middle section of the workshop gets practical and this is where its uniqueness comes into focus:

Students are shown how to ‘feel the frequencies’ of the 'biofields' which surround the body, beginning with the hands.

In an average class of twenty-five children, I’ve found that 80-90% can recognize these sensations -  which are often surprisingly new to them - immediately. By the end of the workshop it’s usually close to 100%.

"Wow, I can really feel something."
'When I was in the bean bag I felt really calm when Zoe was healing me.' - Ally, 6. Blackmans Bay Primary School, 2013.

After some feedback with the class it becomes obvious that we all recognize ‘the field’ in similar but unique ways.

The next practical element is to see how fields interact as we work together. Here students are shown the relaxing and balancing effect of the bio-fields interacting as they explore with a partner.

There is also a discussion of how to work with pets - often a favorite topic with children and an easy way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method when they get home.

Finally, there is a discussion and practice of self-healing which may be likened to a simple, practical mindfulness or meditation technique.


There will be a follow-up session one week after the workshop of 30 minutes duration to practice and hear feedback from students.

Energy Healing Science

Reconnective Healing, which formed the basis of my training for this workshop, is widely recognized by researchers as the leader in the emerging field of Energy Healthcare. It has been the subject of numerous studies and some of these will be explained in the workshop in an age-appropriate manner.

See the white papers on The Reconnection website which form the subject matter for teaching in upper primary, secondary and college classes.Or you can download a PDF copy of Dr. Ann Baldwin's white paper here.

Age Range

The workshop is adaptable for students from kindergarten to college level.

All classes are taught with the class teacher or home room teacher and any usual support staff or teacher assistants present.

Teacher and Parent Training

I offer introductory sessions for interested staff and parents in Tasmanian schools which may run for 30 to 60 minutes or up to 2 hours.


At present I am the only trained facilitator of these workshops in Tasmania. However I believe there is the potential for an instructor in every school community. This could be a parent or teacher and I am most willing to discuss the possibilities of training.


Free Introductory Talk and Demonstration for Staff and/or Parents

Workshops as for casual or relief teaching Band 1 Level 12 with a minimum of three hours per day plus travel allowance if more than 30 minutes from Hobart.


Mr. Taylor teaching Connected Kids by Harry, 7.

Parent and Teachers have responded very positively to these sessions with comments such as


“This is the kind of thing they should be teaching in schools!” - Parent from Blackmans Bay, Tasmania


“This is very empowering for children.” – Principal, a Hobart Primary School

'My kids are happier and Amber is much more relaxed and anxiety is down.'

- April Masterton, Hobart.

More feedback from parents and students here

Contact me to arrange a Connected Kids workshop for your staff and students.


The document below was sent out to parents at Taroona Primary School Kindergarten after their Connected Kids experience in 2018. It was written by fellow kindergarten teacher, Tania Glover.