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Welcome to my blog which includes stories,insights and epiphanies about what's really important in life in general: peace, dignity, prosperity, love, gratitude, consciousness and the constant little effort required to stay awake!

Some of the posts are by children who have been to my 'Connected Kids' class and some are written by clients.

Introducing the Art and Science of New Frequency Healing

Energy Healing Demystified

New workshops announced here: in Hobart, Tasmania. Learn or enhance your healing abilities in hours instead of months or years

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My Goal of the Day

woman soccer

My goal today, in this moment is as it’s always been and will be

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The Universal Sphere Activation

Helen McD

The NEW Universal Sphere Activation aligns us with the new phase of our evolution as self-healing, self-knowing human beings

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Ashtavakra and King Janaka's Dream

Anastasia castle

The story of a young sage, Ashtavakra, and how he helped the great King Janaka to experience peace and Self Knowledge

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Lessons from the Pandemic


What have we learned from the last few years during the pandemic? Here's my point of view in brief point form

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Knowledge and Beliefs

Swan mirror

Knowing and believing - the foundations and the walls of our existence

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Connecting Tentacles to Today

dad car 1947

Musings about the connections between my dad, Henry Ford and Nazi regimes past and present

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Teacher worksheets

Some free teacher worksheets that I found useful in my 30 year teaching career

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What My Doctor Told Me

VAX sign

Report of a conversation with my doctor about current vaccination for COVID-19

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Connected Kids in Tasmanian Schools

school kids

Connected Kids - an empowering experience enabling children to help themselves and others; to recognise our connectedness, demystifying healing & wellbeing

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Keshe Nano Plasma Technology for Healing and More


A roadmap to rid the United States [and other countries] of COVID-19 in months, not years, perhaps even weeks

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TheReconnection and Reconnective Healing Experiences


The Reconnection - My Clients' Experiences with Biofield Healing - Reconnective Healing. Testimonials

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Reconnective Healing Failure


When Reconnective Healing fails to satisfy you, is it possible that 'a broad spectrum of energy, light and information' might turn out to be a giant scam?

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Pausing to ponder life's purpose


What do I know about life and death? What do I believe? And who am I, who are we anyway?

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The Silent War Diary Chapter 1: The New Normal - Compassion


Revelations to come will make us literally sick and confused for a while but you and I have the power to love and to forgive. Compassion: that’s the new normal.

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Video - Songs for kids aged 4 to 10


For parents with home-schooling duties: the most popular songs from my music lessons for primary school classes over the last 40 years

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Solutions for Lower Back Pain - Real and Practical

back pain tat

After twenty years searching for solutions for lower back pain and sciatica, I’ve been virtually free from pain now for over five years – since Reconnective Healing

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Reconnective Healing and Biofield Therapy

thanks card

Biofield Therapies – also known as Energy Healing or Frequency Healing are fast gaining recognition as natural, safe and effective ways to help us evolve beyond pain, dis-ease and limitation.

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Reconnective Healing Science


Reconnective Healing Science presents the findings of various teams of scientists' investigations into different aspects of this phenomenon, as well as articles of related interest

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The Law of One - practical meditation exercises


From the Law of One series: four practical meditation exercises explained in simple terms

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Short Stories


Short stories for your enjoyment and inspiration

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Connected Kids - Put Healing in the Hands of our Children

Amber CU

Connected Kids - a quantum leap forward for families. Children can easily access and use the new frequencies of Reconnective Healing® Next class announced

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Problem Ownership - key to solving your family/inter-personal dilemmas

active listening

Understand problem ownership and your family issues are well on their way to being solved

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Eco Healing – How to Reconnect with Our Environment to Let It Thrive

Keshe Ag

Eco Healing: New Tools to Save our Planet, Increase Productivity and Clean Up Contamination

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The Lubbish Animal Healing Center

Reconnective Healing for animals including all pets, race horses and farm animals at your place in person or via distance treatment

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The Reconnection and Human Evolution


The Reconnection and true healing - is it about fixing that back pain or is there more? What about our evolution as human beings?

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A Few Love-of-Life Poems

Blake God creating

My best love poetry - a few short expressions of gratitude for a life fulfilled every day

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Angelic Message about Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection


Reconnective Healing is specifically designed to bring about healing an all levels, including the psyche, the physical body and it goes deep enough to...

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Giving as a Way to Wealth


Imagine a culture where all the essentials of life – food, water, shelter, medical care – were provided to everyone with no strings attached

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Limitless Love as Quantum Entanglement


Quantum physics tells us that once two sub-atomic particles are connected, they behave as if always connected even when separated by huge distances. They are ‘entangled.’ Isn’t that what happens with family, friends and acquaintances

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Bullying Can Be Healed Too


Bullying - even cyberbullying - issues for victims, bystanders and bullies themselves may respond to the healing power of Biofield Therapies, after all we're all connected

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About Me - Author Bio

MT-teacher article

Biography of Michael Taylor, author of, teacher and Reconnecive Healing Practitioner

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About Lubbish


What is Lubbish? And why is the site called when it's about healing? Could I be Lubbish?

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