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This section includes reviews of books and articles related to Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

Since my introduction to The Reconnection in 2009, I’ve experienced a kind of intellectual renaissance, studying and enjoying books that I had never considered before. So now it's time to share some of them with you!

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Science Confirms Reconnective Healing

Prof. Konstantin Korotkov
St. Petersburg University

Dr. Eric Pearl 

Founder of The Reconnection

Dr. William Tiller and Dr. Walter Dibble Jr.
Stanford University

Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Ann Baldwin
University of Arizona, Tucson

This timely book presents some of the work done by three eminent groups of researchers over the last ten years. These scientists are, in my view, truly working on the cutting edge of human knowledge and are not afraid to explore the practical applications of what others call theory: quantum mechanics. They are the true "Dancing Wu-Li Masters" that Gary Zukav describes in his overview of the new physics (1979). 

Reconnective Healing practitioners have been waiting for the publication of these experiments and clinical trials for some time in a format which is accessible to the general public. How accessible this is to the lay person is debatable, as it’s really a collection of scientific papers, previously only available on the scientists’ own websites.

The book begins with an introduction and summary by Eric Pearl taken, it seems, from his lectures on The Essence of Healing with additional comments on each of the scientists’ findings. This is a rare chance to see Dr. Peal’s words in print since the publication of his original book, The Reconnection, in 2001. And also a glimpse of what he covers in his much anticipated sequel, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life (published May, 2013).

Chapter 2 is a presentation of the work of quantum physicists Drs Tiller and Dibble which focuses on changes in the energy of spaces where Reconnective Healing is taught. Reading this, I finally understood – for a moment – what this “thermodynamic free energy” is all about.

The most surprising measurement was that, in all the tests at each of the seminars, this energy spiked before the event even started and went back to normal a day or two after the seminars. The room gets ready for the shift! (Or is it the angels checking in?)

My kindergarten teacher explanation of this energy:

It’s what enables high level, new learning to happen, so that people come out of the seminar able to do healing at the highest level just like Dr. Pearl.

Dr Tiller on "What the Bleep"Dr Tiller on the documentary "What the Bleep"

Bill Tiller’s explanation:

"This shift of energy is what allows normal human beings to enter a room and later to walk out with an ability to heal others and themselves, regardless of their background or education.”

Dr Gary SchwartzDr Gary Schwartz
Dr Ann BaldwinDr Ann Baldwin

Chapter 3 by Drs Ann Baldwin and Gary Schwartz presents some interesting findings on the effects of Reconnective Healing during self healing.

Here we have more evidence of the uniqueness of these frequencies compared with Reiki, Qigong and energy healing methods which have also been extensively studied at their faculty at the University of Arizona.

The rest of the book contains details of the work of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and his team between 2008 and 2011.

Korotkov holds 17 patents, one of which is for the GDV Camera which produced the images here. This device is an upgrade to Kirlian photographs of the human 'aura', 'energy field' or 'biofield'.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

These images grabbed my interest in a magazine article on Reconnective Healing in 2009. I didn’t know what they measured until I read this book, but they looked pretty good as before and after shots and I wanted to know more.

The final chapter records some experiments with water where

“In all cases of water study we see statistically significant reaction of water to the process of Reconnective Healing.” (p147) And since we are mostly water, that’s very significant.

I actually sat down a few weeks ago and studied Science Confirms Reconnective Healing cover to cover, not just the conclusions and captions. My only criticisms are that Dr Korotkov is not a great graphic designer, so the cover sure could have been given an upgrade, the chapters could do with an interesting title and the text could do with a Lynne McTaggart translation. Lynne wrote The Field and The Intention Experiments and most recently The Bond and has a journalist’s gift for interviewing these brilliant scientific boffins and making sense of their discoveries for the rest of us!


The researchers' conclusions are clear and unanimous:

Reconnective Healing has significant, long term positive effects on

  • Psychological parameters, such as tension, depression, aggression, fatigue and confusion
  • The immune system, with significant positive changes at the basic cellular level
  • Increased antioxidant and antitoxic activity
  • Physical body energy, including decreased blood pressure at rest and after exercise
  • Increase in mental power and decreased signs of stress

There is also the “structurization of space” that takes place where Reconnective Healing is taught and, I suspect, practiced.

But then that’s what our clients tell us every day!

So I highly recommend this book for all Reconnective Healing practitioners and those who are interested in the science of healing.

Science Confirms Reconnective Healing is available from The Book Depository

The Reconnection website has a new page with more information about the latest peer-reviewed science including the White Paper, Scientific Evidence for Reconnective Healing by Ann Baldwin, PhD.

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