Do your children have trouble getting to sleep at night? Are they anxious or super sensitive?

Let's Put Healing in the Hands of our Children - It Comes So Naturally to Them!

I’m hosting an online play/workshop for children aged 6 to 12 in which they can discover their innate ability to connect and be mindfully balanced; to heal themselves and others - Guaranteed! (See below)

Your children won’t learn this at school.
There’s a new spectrum of healing energy available now. Learn to access it easily and effectively to reduce or overcome physical pain, mental and emotional blockages, relationship issues and more.

At this two-hour seminar you and your child/children can learn about and experience healing on a whole new level both as recipient and practitioner; giver and receiver: your children can heal!

Your children are natural healers! (So are you.)
Come with your children and discover your innate ability to access natural healing frequencies that enable deep relaxation, open-heart awareness and balancing of your body and mind.

Michael Taylor


Since I started to practice and explore the possibilities of energy healing in the 1970s, I’ve done quite a lot of training and certifications, only to arrive at one very clear realization:

healing is actually very simple!

Having taught hundreds of adults and over 2,500 children to access their innate abilities, I’m confident that I can help you on your discovery journey too. So, I’m adding a satisfaction guarantee to all my services, including workshops and energy healing sessions.

I’m learning that we can reconnect with the source of peace and freedom within and live a pain-free, balanced life – no matter what our circumstances. Passing on this ongoing learning while also sharing the New Healing Frequencies is my privilege and pleasure.

How may I help you?

Biofield Therapies have been found to reduce pain and improve energy and recovery from surgery, illness or exercise

You can reduce or overcome depression, stress and anxiety with easy-to-learn methods

If you’re worried about your kids, I can help them and you, by empowering your family with knowledge and skills that last a lifetime: rediscover your ability to help each other stay in balance, to enhance healing and to bring more open, honest communication into the home.

See the Connected Kids pages for more information about this unique program

And, if you're a school principal or teacher, see an outline of the special Connected Kids lessons for Tasmanian and Australian schools which have already reached over 2,500 children.

I’m ready to share all I’ve learned over forty+ years about healing, parenting, and inner peace.

"Thank You. After months of unsuccessful physio, you cured my neck in one session. My G.P. was amazed."

- Maureen G. June 2014

New 'Biofield Therapies' such as Reconnective Healing, the Universal Sphere and Plasma Health Technologies are bringing relief and inspiration to people world-wide.

Read some of their stories here

science confirms reconnective healing

“Reconnective Healing can reduce pain and improve range of motion in people with shoulder limitations better than Physical Therapy.”

– Whitepaper: Scientific Evidence for Reconnective Healing by Ann L. Baldwin, PhD

Read more scientific research here

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Best wishes always,

Michael Taylor

My local rooms at Gore Street Medical - Integrative Health Center, South Hobart, Tasmania.


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