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Michael Taylor

Welcome to Lubbish.

As a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner, I work with adults, children and their parents to rediscover 'The Field' where solutions are possible.

Solutions for wellness, for healing and connection, for better communication and ultimately for our evolution as more compassionate human beings.

We can reconnect with the source of freedom and peace within and live a pain-free, balanced life.

How may I help you?

Biofield Therapies have been found to reduce pain and improve energy and recovery from surgery, illness or exercise

You can reduce or overcome depression, stress and anxiety with easy-to-learn methods

If you’re worried about your kids, I can help them and you, by empowering your family with knowledge and skills that last a lifetime: rediscover your ability to help each other stay in balance, to enhance healing and to bring more open, honest communication into the home.

See the Connected Kids pages for more information about this unique program

I’m ready to share all I’ve learned over forty+ years about healing, parenting, and inner peace.

"Thank You. After months of unsuccessful physio, you cured my neck in one session. My G.P. was amazed."

- Maureen G. June 2014

New 'Biofield Therapies' such as Reconnective Healing, the Universal Sphere and Plasma Health Technologies are bringing relief and inspiration to people world-wide.

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science confirms reconnective healing

“Reconnective Healing can reduce pain and improve range of motion in people with shoulder limitations better than Physical Therapy.”

– Whitepaper: Scientific Evidence for Reconnective Healing by Ann L. Baldwin, PhD

Read more scientific research here

As well as providing wellness and healing services (world-wide) for you, your loved ones, pets, and places has over 100 pages of empowering information related to healing, parenting, education, learning and enjoying life. Plus a section or two just for fun!

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Best wishes always,

Michael Taylor

My local rooms at Gore Street Medical - Integrative Health Center, South Hobart, Tasmania.