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  1. Reconnective Healing Science

    Oct 20, 16 11:33 PM

    Reconnective Healing Science presents the findings of various teams of scientists' investigations into different aspects of this phenomenon, as well as articles of related interest

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  2. Solutions for Lower Back Pain - Real and Practical

    Oct 19, 16 12:42 AM

    After twenty years searching for solutions for lower back pain and sciatica, I’ve been virtually free from pain now for over five years – since Reconnective Healing

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  3. Reconnective Kids - Put Healing in the Hands of our Children

    Oct 12, 16 09:26 PM

    Reconnective Kids - a quantum leap forward for families and schools. Children can easily access and use the new frequencies of Reconnective Healing® Next class announced here

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Parents Reconnected, Children Protected

Parent-Child healing class Reconnective Kids

Parents and children learning together to access their innate abilities to feel beyond the five senses in order to heal and inspire.

Parents learning effective communication skills to help children deal with stress at school.

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Active Listening


Learn to access your innate ability to help yourself and others to heal and evolve. Join a class or arrange a 1-on-1 consultation online.


Experience the new biofield therapies that enable healing, restore life-balance and inspire personal and cultural evolutionary change. Make your appointment now


The Keshe Foundation has made new plasma technologies publicly available. Save on power and gas, clean up the environment; apply in agriculture, food production, health and more.

Connected Kids - The Unique New Workshop for Tasmanian Students

Australian Curriculum Personal Social

Supporting the Australian Curriculum Personal and Social Capability through a unique experience of connectedness, enabling and empowering children to help themselves and others with a direct non-touch approach.

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New 'Biofield Therapies' such as Reconnective Healing, the Universal Sphere and Plasma Health Technologies are bringing relief to people world-wide.

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science confirms reconnective healing

“Reconnective Healing can reduce pain and improve range of motion in people with shoulder limitations better than Physical Therapy.”
– study by Ann L. Baldwin, PhD

Read more scientific research here

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