"I Am You"

If I hadn’t stopped midstream

And shifted my gaze from all the passing boats, yachts, kayaks and cruisers

I would never have seen you

But there you were

Not left behind on the other shore

But standing at the tiller

Of the boat I called my own

Steering a course serenely

Through chaos.


Then you said the thing I always knew

Without words you said:

“I Am You”



As ephemeral as the dew

Which, in this dry desert

is the only source of life:

Peace settles on the heart

In the tranquility of contemplation.

Asleep yet fully awake.

Simple 'Samadhi'

The View

Smart phone, tablet, smart TV,

Laptop, remote and DVD

Flanked by pot-plants

Shaded by the leaves of the near-naked willow

And the crab-apple tree


Yet even a single blade of grass

(let alone the birds and the human arse

that sits on the leather scribbling this tome)

Carries a code that’s more sublime

Than all this techy stuff can find.

A message that sings and flies and grows;

Doesn’t have to wonder because it knows!


Why even the wind that flutters those leaves

Knows where it comes from and why it breathes.

A Shower Curtain and Other Miracles

This morning in the bathroom I noticed it:

the shower curtain, hanging there all crisp and white

Not moving.

And yet, here I am on beautiful planet Earth

Spinning at some incredible speed around our sun;

Spiraling around our galaxy’s central sun…

Outside: another miracle

A gentle breeze caresses newborn leaves and pink blossoms

While the sun reflects mightily from sky and sparkly Derwent

Such gentleness and power, brought into balance;

Stillness and grace amidst chaos.

And within me?

The gentlest, most subtle breath arises from stillness

amidst the incessant orchestra of musical tones and nature sounds:

Peace amidst chaos,

Thoughts like ripples atop the constant ocean swell;

Light and colour that  defy description

Water that quenches without touching my lips,

All within me,

Thank Goodness!

Conversation with I am 

Surrounded I am by loved ones.

Let me count them:

No, there are too many.

So let me call you all One.


Let me channel my self now.

In the presence of my one Loved One

Let me accept the response-ability

Of speaking for my self.


Let me speak of my conversation with the One.


Dear One, please help me.

I am

Helping me? Oh yes, I see.

Then please help them too?

I am

You are?

Oh. Yes I see.

You’re such a humble all powerful One that you never make yourself known unless invited,

never speak unless spoken to - guilelessly.

Be patient with me; with us.

I am.

God-ish you are! God-ish and gorgle!

I am.

I mean you're really feel gorgeous, like “Divine” should feel:

Loving, peaceful, present,

silently musical.


I am

Not judgmental at all, though you could be.

Instead: all forgiving, breath by breath, day by day, life after life.

Real unconditional lover you are!

I am.

Thank you.

I love you.

I am loving you too.

"You must know that you are a master" was one of the six phrases channeled to Dr Eric Pearl by not one but fifty of his clients when the new frequencies of healing made their appearance in his practice in 1993.

It’s one that I struggled with until recently. I wasn’t prepared to think of myself as a master, having been a student and teacher all my life. Then I heard my teacher say things I hadn’t noticed before. So I’ll try to express where I’m at with this now.

You must know that you are a master.

You must know that you are a master.

You must know that you are an angel.

You must know that you are the savior.

You must know that you are the one you’ve been waiting for:

The lover and rescuer too.


You are the master of your own self;

your own decisions, choices and, therefore, your destiny.

The master of your own healing and evolution;

Co-creator of your reality in cooperation with the one creative.


You are the angel you’ve been waiting to meet;

the angel who can fix your own problems,

solve your issues, dissolve your pain – not anybody else’s pain, your pain!

You are the savior who has come here to save you!

Not anyone else - you!

After all, who else knows you well enough?

It takes one to know one.

So a master recognizes his master and becomes a student for life.

The angel communes with saints and archangels, and approaches the presence of the brightest and most blissful just as she is (even while wearing her sandals)

And the savior kisses the feet of his rescuer and longs to return there again and again

while the Lover finds love in each breath.

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