What My Doctor Told Me

These notes are taken from a phone conversation with my General Practitioner on 4 September 2021. He was our family GP for many years and my wife and I know him personally since Annette also worked at this clinic as the RN. I will not use his name, but he is the clinical co-director of a large practice which employs almost fifty doctors plus nurses and other staff.

His call came to me in response to a letter I delivered based on a format devised by The Australia Project questioning the legality of current medical advice and practices during the ‘pandemic’. The notes are in point form and are quotes where indicated. His call came as Annette and I were driving so we pulled over and I wrote these notes when we arrived at the destination a few minutes later.

The practice no longer provides their patients with the mRNA Pfizer inoculation for the following reasons:

1.       It has a ‘higher adverse events rate than the Astra Zeneca’ (This was news to me, but he did quote some figures which indicated he’s well-informed)

2.       ‘Lack of clear data’ on long term effects and ingredients make it ‘impossible for doctors to provide informed consent to their patients’

3.       He does not consider the Pfizer mRNA technology to be a vaccine

4.       He cannot understand why the government has banned effective treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCL) and banned an Australian-made nasal spray (name I didn’t record) which is 99.8% effective against all strains of the virus.

5.       They are only providing the 2nd AZ vaccine to eligible people, not the Pfizer. ( I intend to question him further on this point)

Why Post This?

I’m posting this to in some small way counteract the mainstream opinion that all doctors agree with the government-public health advisors’ advice which is backed by mainstream media including social media.


Fact is that in Hobart, Tasmania there are at least 50 doctors who will not provide the Pfizer at this stage. Some of them are my friends, some doctors are my clients, and I’m told that in one clinic 97% of patients are choosing to say, ‘no thank you’.


Many people I know, family and friends, have chosen to take the jab. Most are OK some not so good. My concern is with mandates, peer pressure and coercion and I’ve seen plenty of that in staffrooms, classrooms and between friends as well as the incessant media barrage. I will not let media and authorities divide us without at least asking questions and seeking a second opinion.

Fact is that in Hobart, Tasmania there are at least 50 doctors who will not provide the Pfizer at this stage

How to protect yourself from infection whether or not you’ve taken ‘the jab’.

Apparently, the current vaccines are not intended to stop you getting COVID or from passing it on to others, rather to slightly lessen your symptoms and chance of dying from the infection. Therefore, it makes sense for all of us to be proactive with our health.

One reliable source of information I like is the Magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which should be read as What MOST Doctors Don’t Tell You, since it is written and edited by medial practitioners.

Australians can subscribe here or pick up a copy from your newsagent and their website is at https://www.wddty.com/

Bottom line: take extra care with your diet, including your mental 'diet' and information sources; include extra anti-oxidants and be open to learning about alternatives in the form of preventative and curative methods that the mainstream won't tell you about.