When I felt the Reconnective Frequencies

by Jessica

Jessica's hands

Jessica's hands

My hand felt hot, warm and cold all at the same time. My other hand just felt cold and a bit warm.

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What the Frequencies Feel Like

by Ten-year-olds at Sandy Bay
( Hobart, Tasmania.)

When we were practising healing I felt cold air in between my hands. - Adam

It’s cold on one side and tingly. It’s like ice but it’s not hurting.
- Xavier, 10

Whoa! Awesome! It’s kind of tingly.
- Jack

It feels like strings. It gets stronger as you move away.
- Emma

I can feel waves of energy.
- Brooke

It feels warm and as your hand get near to mine it’s colder.
- Naomi

I feel really relaxed.
- Emma

It’s fuzzy, like when your hand goes to sleep. It’s really cool!
- Izzy

My fingers are shaking.
- Georgie

It’s tingling…whoa!
- Harrison

Tingly (very strong registers in his hands, which get stronger with distance from practitioner’s hands)
- Taz

It feels like pushing, like a magnet and it gets stronger with distance.
- Chloe

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After our Reconnective Kids class...

by School Students
(Tasmania, Australia)

(It was wicked! When (my friend) just went circling his hands around my head my ears started burning up and when he stopped they cooled right down like ice. And now they feel normal.

Bradley, 10, Geeveston

I did it on my chicken and the next day it died...but it wasn't because of the Reconnective Healing it was pecked by other chickens. It liked the healing because it stayed still, it didn't run away, it went to sleep.

Ellie, 10, Franklin TAS

It was cool and weird. I felt really sleepy.

Maddy, 10, Franklin, TAS

I did healing with my dad and he had streaks and tingles in his fingers and mum said she had stars and light bulbs. I did it with Eve and she said "I feel tingles and flutter-flies."

Paris, 9, Geeveston TAS

I did it with my nanna and she said she felt tingles and bites in her hands. And Bernie (my grandad) said he felt nothing.

Peggie, 9, Geeveston TAS

I healed my rabbit's leg when she broke it when she ran away and got in a fight with a water-hen or a chook.

Laela, 8, Geeveston TAS

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