Contact and the Quantum Leap

contact movie - quantum leap

In the 1997 sci-fi movie “Contact”, based on the novel by astronomer Carl Sagan, Jodie Foster’s character Ellie Arroway is the first person ever to go on a journey to the center of our galaxy in a machine based on blueprints received from extraterrestrial intelligence.  Her trip seems to the observers to last about two seconds, as the pod carrying her drops into the sea, but to her it took 20 hours.

Swept through worm holes in the protection of the space pod, she arrives at an indescribably beautiful vista of galaxies – and, naturally, a beach.  Feeling overwhelmed, she’s greeted by her beloved but deceased dad who explains a few eternal truths on the nature of reality before she’s swept back to earth time.

The observers assume their experiment has gone wrong as they rush to rescue her, but no, she insists she’s had a profound experience: an epiphany.

This is something I see all the time – albeit without the special effects and technology.

It’s a quantum leap in understanding or a spontaneous healing or remission of disease with no apparent or explainable cause.  And the funny thing about quantum stuff is that it defies our sense of what’s normal or even possible.  This can bring us into a place of peace and acceptance as we feel content to let our understanding unfold over time.  The child in us tends to be this way.

Other times those “ah-ha” moments can create a feeling of “cognitive dissonance.”  Symptoms of this state of mind are typically rejection, laughter, cynicism, or just pretending “I see nothing!”  Our ability as humans to ignore the obvious must be legendary throughout the universe!

We’re living in times of great change and great need for a quantum leap forward in our thinking, feeling and understanding of life, healing, human development and our place in the universe.  And these leaps are happening.  Our ability to accept and appreciate them depends on our point of view as observers or judges, participants or viewers.

We all have within us the blueprint of our complete, healthy self.  If we’re willing to spend some time focusing within; feeling and knowing our inner nature then we’re reconnecting with our ability to heal ourselves and others. 

We can even help save the planet.  One day, one action at a time.