The Grandest Illusion:
'This is Mine'

Balance = Peace by Hobart school student, 2017

We live in very turbulent times, but I wouldn’t have missed this for anything. Systems and assumptions that have been the foundations of our lives for centuries or more are crumbling faster that you can say ‘What’s New?’

So many people are doing great and innovative things based on love rather than fear, compassion rather than hate; generosity rather than greed. If you don’t believe me, go have a look at Future Crunch or The Prem Rawat Foundation for starters.

But there’s a long way to go, it seems. Or maybe not. It’s said that only zero-point five percent of the world’s population of 7.7 billion have to start opening up their hearts and minds, changing their consciousness to a higher frequency of caring and appreciation, for the effect to cause a world-wide quantum leap, where darkness, war and greed can no longer be entertained or tolerated.


There are solutions existing already for most of the problems we face. Solutions for

  • clean energy;
  • cures, preventative strategies and treatments for most diseases including cancer and heart disease;
  • options for housing and feeding everyone.

Some of these are well known while others are still being suppressed by ‘the powers that were’.

Photo by Quaz Amir from Pexels

But one fundamental element that’s often overlooked in all this is our individual responsibility. This can be seen as a spiritual or moral issue and is about who we think we are and how we see the world and others.

Do we understand our connection to self and other selves? Do we see things as yours and mine? Why do we hold on to our wealth so tightly when there are those in our community who have nothing? Are our actions and decisions dominated by fear or love? Light or darkness? Greed or generosity? We’ve lived through such a prolonged age of darkness that it’s hard to tell the difference.

I know many people who have more than one home. Call it a shack or a holiday villa, time-share or even a campervan. Every city has buildings standing empty for long periods. Then there are those who sleep in their car, on a friend’s couch or on the street.

I ask myself, if I can afford to loan, why don’t I give? Why must there be strings attached? Why should I expect to earn interest and get repayments?

OK, so that’s the system we’ve inherited. The Babylonian magic money system, where ‘usury’ is business as usual - a legitimate way to make a living. But it’s time to think differently. Old ways don’t serve us anymore, in case you haven’t noticed. And we’re not stuck with them – at least not for long!


Retailers sometimes offer their wares with the offer, ‘Buy One, Get One Free’. If they can afford to do that, why not evolve to ‘Buy One, Give One Free’? After all, most of us in this so-called civilization have more ‘stuff’ that we know how to store.

Imagine a culture where all the essentials of life – food, water, shelter, medical care – were provided to everyone with no strings attached. It’s been done before where cultures consider such things belong to the community rather than the individual, and people are custodians of the land rather than landowners.


I can see all this is possible – and so much more – because the seeds are already sown. And I want to stick around and water them.

In my Connected Kids classes, I sometimes introduce the practices with this yin-yang diagram. It illustrates something most of us are aware of, the principles of light and dark, and the state of balance or homeostasis. If light and dark are too simplistic, we brainstorm other terms that might clarify it:

Light: love, generosity, oneness, joy, laughter, happiness, peace…balance

Dark: fear, greed, pain, depression, anxiety…unbalance