You are invited to
Join Our Weekly Healing Circle

Calling all Light Warriors, Meditators, Energy Healers…Human Beings.

We all recognise the problems, now let’s spend some time implementing one solution we all can participate in: using our innate abilities to heal ourselves, each other, and everyone in our circle of influence.

‘Solution Energy’ is available to us all when we choose to focus on it.

Whatever technique you favour, we all achieve results from the same Source, so let’s come together to practice, share, and make a difference.

Where: Room 11, (Upstairs*) Beach Road Body Mind, 7 Beach Rd. Sandy Bay, Tasmania**

When: Fridays, from 10 to 11am.

Cost: $5 to $10.00 or a donation

Inquiries and RSVP: Michael Taylor, SMS to 0404 089 777

* Lift available     ** Not in Hobart? You can join us via Zoom - just ask.

Background: This healing circle evolved out of my recent Energy Healing Demystified classes as a way to stay in touch with each other and with the 'new healing frequencies'.

We are opening it up to anyone with an interest in or experience of energy healing, regardless of your particular technique or lack thereof. That's because the 'new frequencies' are easy to en-train with; all you need is the heart and openness of a child and a willingness to play and discover.