How to Find Inner Peace

One of the interesting and sometimes amusing aspects of working in a health and wellbeing centre is mixing with many gifted and talented practitioners. Here we have an acupuncturist who practices ‘esoteric acupuncture’ as well as NES (Nutri-Energetics Systems), two counselors who incorporate ‘past-life’ regression into their repertoires, massage therapists, yoga teachers and many others.

Often our clients express that one basic motivation for seeking help is to experience ‘balance’ in their life; to find ‘inner peace’ or to ‘just feel normal again’.

I was somewhat taken aback yesterday  when one colleague produced from her mailbag a bottle of a newly released energetic remedy marked ‘IP’ which, she announced, stands for Inner Peace!  Her clients are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new elixir saying they’ll be ordering it by the bucketful!

Now I hope that my non-reaction to this news showed the degree to which I’ve ‘shifted’ in the last few years to a more accepting, non-judgmental attitude. Today I’m inclined to believe that ‘if it works for you, great!’

What works for me, and has done all of my adult life, is actually practicing Inner Peace every day. Connecting to a nice place inside me. Standing still for a few moments (usually an hour or more) on the one foundation within that I can reliably call home, no matter what is going on during the rest of the day. Doing this always makes things on ‘the outside’ go more smoothly. I’m more aware and appreciative, happier and more inclined to be kind and forgiving of myself and others.

My inner peace is always there when I turn within, through all the ups and downs of life events; the highs and lows of successes and failures. It waits for recognition, never interrupting my choices to ignore it and focus elsewhere.

Peace: the perfect guest at every occasion.

As my friend and mentor Prem Rawat puts it, peace is the perfume of the divine. Prem has spent his entire life, since he was a child, inspiring people to find their own experience of peace and providing a practical way to help us focus within which he calls Self Knowledge.

I asked for a received this gift when I was a Uni student in 1974, and have enjoyed listening to Prem speak from his heart to mine ever since.

The most basic understanding:

  • Peace is within me, within you
  • We can each be the mirrors to remind each other of the reality within each moment (I guess that bottles of Inner Peace can be mirrors too)
  • It's up to each of us to make that 'journey' within whenever we feel the 'thirst' for peace