Feeling The Field for the First Time

Having introduced hundreds of children to their ability to feel - with 'head, heart and hands' - the energy around themselves and others, it nonetheless still surprises me to hear how they describe their feelings.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a group of twenty-three children aged six to seven years, showing them a few exercises designed to awaken their perceptions of The Fields of energy, light and information around them.

Here are some of their comments as I jotted them down at the time.

Ally (aged 6) practicing healing with her friend

"The ocean splashing

The force moving through my hands up and down

Like pizza dough

Like magnets

My fingers were twitching

My hands felt like there was one hand; the other hand was gone

Sand softly falling through my hands

Pizza dough and magnets

Stinging like when you touch oysters

Like I’m going around in circles

Popping candy on my palm

Sand dropping from my fingers..."

Some of these descriptions I’ve never heard before and they certainly weren’t suggested by anything I said. They just go to show the uninhibited creativity of our children at this age and the reality of ‘the frequencies’.


I particularly liked the ‘sand falling through my hands’ and the popping candy…and the feeling of picking up an oyster, which reflects the coastal area these children live and play in.


That’s not to say that all the children ‘got it’. In my experience introducing these activities to over 2,000 children the usual response is that 80-90% of the class feel or notice something right away and over 90% realize something’s there by the end of the two-hour workshop.


‘I feel nothing’ Vs ‘I don’t feel anything’

It’s important to remember and to teach participants, be they children or adults, that to feel ‘nothing’ is also totally acceptable. There is a difference between ‘feeling nothing’ and saying ‘I don’t feel anything’.

To feel or notice ‘nothing’ can be absolutely liberating once you just accept it. Isn’t that a quality of peace? 

On the other hand, expressing ‘I don’t feel anything’ implies that there’s something wrong with me or that there’s really nothing to feel – it’s an expression of doubt.

An experienced student or practitioner learns to accept any and all feedback, feelings and registers including feeling 'nothing' and patiently observe, play, interact with the frequencies...knowing the process will reveal it's best results iin good time.