What Have We Learned from the Pandemic?


Things I’ve learned during the last few years

The media and information sources

My choices have changed from a mostly mainstream media diet up until March 2020, getting my news from the ABC (Australia) and SBS with some input from the local newspaper owned by News Corp (Murdoch) and social media (Facebook, Twitter) to minimal input from the above with more from a variety of sources online including YouTube, and other social media (Unifyd TV, Telegram channels, Signal chats and zoom meetings).

Once I pulled back from the nightly news on ABC, often preceded by SBS World News I became aware, thanks to the recommendations of friends, of other sources.

I was prepared for the switch by a long-standing interest in the writings of David Icke, David Wilcock, Lynne McTaggart and others and a lifetime practice of Self Knowledge.



According to the political meter on the ABC website, my previous views pre-2020 were more far left than the Greens or Labor. Now they are more widely distributed and not aligned with any existing party in Australia so at the last election I voted for independents, some of whom were vetted by AustraliaOne, which is not a registered political party, having found agreement with much of what Ricardo Bosi is saying.


I now know that there are different kinds of legal systems: Statutory Law, which includes civil law and Admiralty or Corporations law, and Common Law which is much simpler to understand because it is based on Natural and Universal Law.

The latter, Universal Law is based on respect for Free Will or The Law of One. Many laws and mandates declared by government authorities do not respect Common Law or Universal Law and therefore do not apply to living human beings unless agreed to by the living being.

The Law of One states ‘that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.’


Energy Healing Demystified

A sovereign, living human being with free will is responsible for his or her own health choices, not a doctor or healthcare professional nor the director of public health.

There are always many options for a living being to find their way back to wellness if there is dis-ease. Viral infections are best thought of as an imbalance in the virome which is composed of billions of virus particles in every cubic centimeter of our atmosphere.

Novel virus infections can be dealt with using commonly available non-toxic methods such as Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution in a nebulizer, high dose Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D in recommended doses, energy healing and many other protocols as well as or instead of mainstream medicine approaches.

Prevention is always better than cure.Exercise, fresh air and quality food and water go a long way towards wellness. New Frequency Healing can be practiced every day and is easy to learn.There is help available but only if we seek it.

Pandemic or Plandemic?

While it is arguable at this point whether the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 was planned the response to that outbreak was certainly planned and rehearsed at the Event 201 ‘A Global Pandemic Exercise’ in October, 2019.

This event included planning scenarios not just of medical response including rushed development of vaccines but also control of the official narrative through censorship and control of social media. It was hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

No one is always ‘right’. Those we put our trust in, be they politicians, doctors, nurses, scientists, friends, gurus or masters are just like you and me: we all contain both light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong.

Trust your own discernment which comes from both sides of the brain – logic and lateral thinking – moderated by the heart and gut brain.

The Opposition

There really is a cabal of the few who have influenced the consciousness of mankind for centuries if not for millennia. They are identified as the Kazarian Mafia, the Illuminati, the upper levels of Masons and Jesuits, Reptilians and Orion invaders and rogue Artificial Intelligence.

However, the key to this cabal’s defeat, which has already been achieved to a large degree, is in reclaiming our individual sovereignty, moving away from fear into love with all its divinity making it a capital L kind of Love, the kind of Love that is unattached, unconditional, and forgiving but tough!


When you stick your neck out, like the tortoise, you can move forward. Some will want to hurt you for making your views known, some will reject you, but others will embrace you. Thus, you find yourself with new friends and renewed acquaintances while others drift away as they naturally do.