How I'm Building A Real
Online Home Business

I wouldn’t like to count all the online home business deals I’ve signed up to over the years, so I'll keep this brief!

My first home based business experience was way back in the '70s as an unemployed teacher looking for some income. I found myself knocking on doors in Canberra trying to sell encyclopedias!

[I did sell one set and that was to a family who had already decided to buy before I showed up!

I also met a very kind neighbor who became a friend for life. I’ll always remember Peter’s gorgeous wife opening the door on a hot summer afternoon dressed in a t-shirt and knickers with two young children entwining themselves to her legs! No I didn't take this picture, it's just the closest I can find online!]

I dabbled in a few other opportunities that I’d rather forget then, from the early 80s to the mid 90s I played it straight, working at a good secure teaching job, being a husband and father. I tried to be “normal”! Well, after a few years living in the Australian version of an Ashram in the 70s, “normal” seemed like a good idea. For a while.

The early 90s saw us – my wife and I – embark on a five-year plan to pay off our mortgage by spending all our "spare time" (we were both working near full-time and had two young kids) on a network marketing plan.

We learned a lot. We certainly read a lot of books and attended a lot of seminars, but by year five we had to admit that it was not working. We were losing money faster than we could make it!

The Millennium Bug

By 2001 we decided to sell the house and its five acres and move to a house sitting job, still owing the credit union more than the selling price because we sold, as it turned out, at the bottom of the market and had believed their projections that it was worth a lot more.

As internet speeds increased, so did the opportunities to build an online home business get more appealing. I got involved in various technologies including VOIP (think Skype with another name).

Result: it all fell in a big techno-heap, not just because of the dominance of Skype and the dismal state of Australia's broadband network but for a personal reason: my heart wasn’t really into it!

So this was a stressful period to say the least, but the focus was more and more on “What do I really love doing anyway?”

So there I had it: I'd rediscovered the first principle of success:

Find Your Passion -
What Makes Your Heart Sing?

This, and other banners or videos on this page, are affiliate links: I get a commission when you purchase an SBI! website and so will you when you get one - it's how this company works: word-of-mouth referrals.

Online Home Business Success Principle 2: "Teams Work!"

I soon discovered a different way to do online marketing with a group called The Renegade Network Marketer. Now their system has a lot going for it, but the best thing they introduced me to was SoloBuildIt.

SoloBuildIt! is the resource I use to build this website. But it’s so much more than a website hosting company. Check out this new 1-minute 'explainer video'.

Solo Build It! (SBI!) has tools and resources you simply won’t find anywhere else, but that’s not what attracted me so much as the community spirit that runs throughout. People helping people. People building successful online businesses based solely on their own interests and passions; learning as they go, often starting from a point of zero knowledge of website building and design or business building principles.

If you’ve had enough of the “get rich quick” crowd and are ready to share your interests, passions and talents with a global community and make a living doing so, I recommend SBI!

I like the theme of this video from SBI! too: "Be Yourself..."

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