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Recently our friend Fran introduced us to the TV show “Dynamo: Magician Impossible”. It features the fantastic abilities of Steven Frayne from Bradford, England.

Yet Steven’s abilities are obviously not impossible and he even describes how he came to develop such incredible skills which include the full range of tricks from playing cards to levitation; mind reading to predicting the results of World Cup soccer matches. Oh and need I mention walking on water?

Image of Steven Frayne walking on the Thames from The Times online

And the secret is: Practice!

Steven says that he learned his craft from his grandfather and then he practiced in his bedroom "every spare moment" from the age of eleven. He then took his skills onto the streets of Bradford and then to YouTube.

You can see that Steven has paid the price for his success even as he’s reaped the rewards, just like any high achiever in sport or business, arts or entertainment. Yet, to me, the reality of his success is not in his professionalism but in his understanding of Life and his core values.

There is no greater magic than that produced by practice.

Think of any skilled person and the key to their skill is practise, dedication, passion or a love for the game. The only mystery is where that passion comes from, why one person’s passions are of no interest to another.

Having taught over 350 children to access their healing abilities in a Connected Kids workshop, I’ve often thought about this: how one child will say “Thank you, I’ve always wanted to be a healer!” while another will have a “ho-hum” attitude and probably forget what they learned.


For me, I’m like that six year old boy quoted above and the eight year old I met last Sunday who said “I’d really like to learn to heal people!”

I want to keep learning, keep practicing and keep on enjoying this journey called Life.


What do you practice every day?

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Image of Steven Frayne walking on the Thames from The Times online

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