How Do You Like Your Peace Served Up?
Snack size or Meal Sized?

I really do appreciate the appearance on my Facebook timeline of numerous quotes from wise men and women which are intended to inspire and uplift as we scan through our friends’ updates before hurrying off to work or play. Some of them really stop me in my tracks and make me reflect for a moment , long enough to click Like or Share, maybe even to add my own comment or recommendation in the hope that my friends will enjoy them too.

But then there is the feeling that I’m living on snack food when what I really need is a good meal. When I’m really hungry a snack can take the edge off, can ‘keep the wolf from the door’. I could probably survive on snacks, but would never know how to thrive let alone enjoy the satisfaction of a good three-course meal.

Good example of a nice, healthy peace snack. Excerpted from Prem Rawat's book, NO ORDINARY BOX, now available on Amazon. (Painting: Lisa Dietrich) Courtesy of Mitch Ditkoff.

Let me tell a story here. In November 1979 I was fortunate enough to be one of around 15,000 people who attended a week-long event in Florida with Prem Rawat which was part celebration part meditation retreat and wholly indescribably fun.

Looking back, this event marked the end of an era which started in the sixties. Prem was a 21 year old, fun-loving, playful master of the art of joyfulness and I was just 24; about the average age of the attendees then. It was bliss and tropical storms, epiphanies and long queues for the toilets, dancing and singing and melting in the sun. And much more.

At the end of all this, Prem’s message was that all that Bliss, all that Clarity, all of the Joy we had experienced during the event was equal to just ‘one escaped particle’ from the inner world that we have with us all the time. I can’t remember much more of what was said that week, but I do remember that ‘one escaped particle’ bit.

Now fast forward to December 2013. Last week I sat myself down and watched a whole one-hour and eleven minutes of Words of Peace: Prem Rawat’s talk from Long Beach, California in October this year. It had been a while since I did that. It took me on a journey. I shifted back to my centre; back to my heart and into the present moment and there I found contentment. Peace.

I realized I’d been living on snacks instead of the dinner. When Maharaji (as I used to call Prem Rawat) speaks I entrain to his message; to where he’s coming from. Not just to his words.


It takes a while, as does the process of meditation or ‘practicing Knowledge’ and simply won’t be hurried or easily digested.

I want to savor each moment. Let me be the opportunist when it comes to enjoying all of the gifts this wise person has to offer. Let me take the time for the whole banquet!

Ready for a main course of Peace? Enjoy this video, one of many available on the Words of Peace YouTube channel or the Words of Peace website.