Energy Healing Experiments you can do yourself

Often my clients ask me what I notice or experience during their Reconnective Healing sessions. My answer sometimes surprises and occasionally disappoints. For me it’s very simple: being present, feeling in the flow, trusting and observing any ‘registers’.


Some people expect a diagnosis (even though they’ve just signed a disclaimer saying I don’t treat or diagnose any specific medical conditions) or a kind of intuitive analysis of their state of wellbeing or disease.


But I’m not a doctor or medical intuitive. I work alongside some very highly skilled MD’s at Gore Street Medical who can treat specific health challenges with natural methods and am happy to refer you to them if need be. (But more of my clients are referred by them than the other direction.)


Energy healing – Reconnective Healing being my preferred first option – is a way to elevate your awareness so that you become your own medical intuitive and develop your ability to self-heal and self-balance.

There are many proven benefits of this remarkable new ‘biofield therapy’ such as those summarized in Professor Konstantin Korotkov’s book, Science Confirms Reconnective Healing (2011):


“Reconnective Healing has significant, long term positive effects on

  • Psychological parameters, such as tension, depression, aggression, fatigue and confusion
  • The immune system, with significant positive changes at the basic cellular level
  • Increased antioxidant and anti-toxic activity
  • Physical body energy, including decreased blood pressure at rest and after exercise
  • Increase in mental power and decreased signs of stress”


To me however the overarching benefit is that we learn to heal ourselves during the course of treatment or through specific, practical seminars. This is where we empower our clients rather than make them dependent on us for relief.

Taking responsibility for our own wellbeing goes beyond making better lifestyle choices such as our food and exercise regimes. Today we have the opportunity to reconnect with our innate body – that aspect of our energetic system which knows what’s best for us at any moment, feels free from pain and has the clarity to make wise decisions and change outmoded patterns which no longer serve us.


I believe we all have this ability to connect more deeply with that innate sense, we just need be reminded what it feels like and this is one level of what happens when we experience an energy healing session or The Reconnection®.


There are many other levels of healing in this multi-dimensional experience; many ways to describe it and there’s no one typical response. It’s about you, and your experience and your learning curve is as unique as you are. In fact, you are also your own best scientific advisor as Dr. Gary Schwartz explains in his books The Sacred Promise (2011) and The Energy Healing Experiments (2007). It comes down, in the end, to your own experience of energy healing.

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