We are always with You...

"...it is time now for you to be waking up to our presence in your lives."

"We hear you asking about spacecraft [Johnny]. And we say that of course they exist. How else could species visit species? By all means, ask about this.

For starters, the Plaedians first came to your Earth by spacecraft in physical form. But your earth was at the beginning stages of evolution when we first came.  And we integrated with your species to help evolution along.  It was a time long ago when we descended to your Earth and partook in a program to establish a basis for exploratory seeding of inter-species relations. And it worked well whereby we accomplished all manner of growth and development.

And so it has been since the dawn of time, Dear One, the Plaedians and others have been cross-pollinating within your species.

Spirit has always worked in this way. We are what you term Spirit.

Your species has evolved with our input since the human race took off.

We integrate by way of channeling the divine energy directly into the foetus, as we have with you and many of your friends and family.

This is all perfectly natural and it is time now for you to be waking up to our presence in your lives.

We are what you call highly evolved beings and we originate from far away in a different galaxy. We have always been by your side and our job is to foster your connection with the divine.

Our connection with the Divine is to act as couriers and messengers and all manner of spiritual emissaries who teach and conduct ourselves in a way that strengthens and unifies your connection with the Almighty.

We do this because it is our birthright to engage with your spirituality in a way that speaks volumes regarding your inherent divinity within.

You will find us probing and prompting and guiding you along so that you begin to understand your divine connection

It is true that it is only the masters among you who are Plaedian by nature. We hear you asking of yet another species who may have connection with you but may we suggest we are the ones who you can hold responsible for your evolutionary path. The other species you are enquiring about certainly have had input as well – but we are the ones responsible for your overall development as a species.

"We have always been by your side and our job is to foster your connection with the divine."

We hear you asking about Sananda and his wife the Lady Nada. Well it is true they are of another star system which exists outside Plaedia and it is known as the Pridhyllus Star System. Many among you are of this origin.

When we arrived on your Earth, it was in physical form and we did come by spacecraft because it was necessary to convey our wares in physical form. There were many spacecraft and we descended like angels from above in order for there to be no fear. And we were well received because we made ourselves known among the people and worked with them.

This is enough for now, Dear One, enough of the history lesson. There will be more to come, we promise you that.


- St. Alfred

8 November, 2010


 (Thanks to my friend "Johnny" for sharing this with me.

- MT)