Reconnective Healing and the Universal Sphere are Surprisingly Effective even over vast Distances

Who in their right mind would think of distant healing - engaging a healer from across the planet - when they need help?

Actually, more and more people are asking for it. Including me!

And more and more people are providing distant healing, including children who’ve attended a Reconnective Kids® workshop and adults who’ve learned Reconnective Healing® at a weekend seminar. Even GP's and MD's are providing consultations over the internet these days.

The phenomenon is not new of course, in fact it's as old as human history, and as modern.

When Edgar Mitchell was diagnosed with kidney disease, his response was to call upon the services of a distant spiritual healing practitioner in Seattle, even though Dr Mitchell lived in Florida. His story is told in the 2009 movie, The Living Matrix, a film on the new science of healing. His kidney disease completely cleared, never to return.

What is new with Distance Reconnective Healing and The Universal Sphere is

  • the ease with which distant healing can now be applied - without symbols or techniques
  • the simplicity with which one can learn to be a distant healer
  • the incredible broad spectrum of healing frequencies now available which can deliver healing on a level never seen before
  • that we have the science to confirm the experiences of over 90,000 practitioners and many thousands of clients world-wide now
  • the fact that a level of mastery can be achieved by anyone who sincerely wants to learn distance healing (along with personal healing, self healing and more) in one weekend and
  • that Kids as young as four and teenagers can learn all this in two hours!

Your Healing Stories

“I had a stiff neck for a couple of months, and had treatment from a Chiropractor and ongoing treatment from an Osteopath.

After my first [Distance Reconnective Healing] treatment from Michael, I was able to discontinue the use of the Osteopath immediately.”

Gary Scott

My energy levels have definitely improved too, and emotionally I feel so much more balanced.”

Alison Maclean

“Yes, the doctors double looked; they shook their heads in disbelief when they said her hips were ready to come out of the harness 10 weeks early, they said to me they have never seen hip dysplasia heal so quickly.”


“I loved the experience as I have been doing energy medicine for many years. I could feel the energy soaring through my body and felt amazing afterwards!

Catherine Bowen

Read more client testimonials.

So when might you consider a distance healing session?

I have had clients who’ve driven quite some time to see me for healing sessions, and The Reconnection® but if you live outside of the greater Hobart, Tasmania district, or far from a local practitioner, give us a call.

My distance healing clients have come from the U.K., the USA, Canada and other parts of Tasmania and mainland Australia. (Many of the testimonials on this site are from these clients.)

How does the session work?

It’s virtually the same as a normal Reconnective Healing session, except there are many ways we can “hook up”, depending on our respective time zones and schedules.

My preferred way is that we book up to three sessions of 50 minutes to an hour each. Find a time and place where you can be alone and uninterrupted. At the appointed time I’ll call you and we’ll chat for up to 10 minutes. I'll answer any questions and give some information about Reconnective Healing.

There’s no need to tell me your medical symptoms as I’m not a medical doctor and don’t diagnose illness. Our chat is just to get to know each other a little; to establish rapport. Some say the healing begins during this informal chat, or even when you make the appointment.

We’ll then go into the actual healing session. You’ll find a quiet place to rest, close your eyes and notice. Notice when there is something to notice, appreciate when there is nothing to notice. After 30 minutes we’ll talk again on the phone, debrief and arrange your second session if not already done.

This debrief is important in bringing your experiences to the fore, and I’ll take notes for your future reference. The healing may be immediately felt or it may unfold over a period of time: it certainly doesn't stop after the 30 minute session.

Most importantly: expect to enjoy your healing sessions. Healing is child’s play because it’s a journey and it’s fun!

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