Dr Eric Pearl
Teaching Beyond Energy Healing

Dr Eric Pearl has devoted his life to teaching Reconnective Healing since these extraordinary abilities were given to him in 1993. He is currently (2015) the only person teaching this. He is assisted by the Reconnection teaching team comprised of experienced Associate Instructors who lead about a third of the seminars and assist participants individually. The Associate Instructors also teach the Reconnection Certified Practitioner two-day seminar where people learn to facilitate The Reconnection.

Eric Pearl’s amazing story is the subject of his bestselling book, The Reconnection, Heal Others Heal Your Self, published in 2001. (Available from Amazon, The Book Depository or your local bookstore)

dr eric pearlDr Pearl with Associate Instructors, Marie Budimir, left (my Melbourne-based mentor) and Pat Atanas

What’s the difference, in terms of healing ability, between someone who has just learned Reconnective Healing and Dr Eric Pearl?

I worked as a volunteer with Dr Pearl and the team at the Melbourne seminar in August 2012. It was my first meeting with Eric, having learned Reconnective Healing with Doug De Vito in the 2009 Melbourne seminar.

The seminar ran like clockwork for the 177 participants thanks to the skills of the organizers, teaching team, hotel staff and us volunteers. It was, I’m told, a small enrollment compared to those in other part of the world such as Europe and South and North America which can be three times as large.

"This is me, I don't get any prettier!"

Dr Pearl is certainly an unusual guy. To Australian sensibilities, the full-on American persona can be hard to take; we sometimes feel their confidence is just too much. We’re more used to the English manners and plenty of “please” and “thank you” rather than the ‘I-expect-it-now” kind of attitude displayed by our American friends.

But Eric Pearl’s persona isn’t unusual in that sense. Remember he was a successful doctor with a thriving chiropractic practice until the universe decided it was time to awaken the healer within him one weekend in 1993.

Theoretically he could have ignored the gift and carried on, but he didn’t. In time he gave up everything in order to take the gift to us – so far over 80,000 people world-wide have attended a Reconnective Healing seminar. Take a look at his schedule on The Reconnection website and be in awe of his commitment.

It's obvious to me now that Eric Pearl is the best person alive to present this new level of healing to people and to clearly explain the new paradigm that Reconnective Healing presents.

And the fact is that you don't have to be any one personality-type to be a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. That's one of the great things about the seminars: you get to meet a wide variety of people and, by the end of the seminar, they all get it!

Ask Your Self

Which reminds me of a question I asked myself at the Melbourne seminar: what’s the difference, in terms of healing ability, between someone who has just learned Reconnective Healing and Dr Eric Pearl? The two words I came up with are Commitment and Practice.

The fact is that anyone can learn Reconnective Healing by reading Eric’s book and attending a two or four-day seminar. It’s what we do after the seminar that counts, just as it was what Dr Pearl did after that weekend in 1993 that made him realize his mastery. He kept doing it and eventually this new form of hands-off healing replaced his busy chiropractic clinic.

Having learned to find, feel and interact (or play) with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, we have the same ability to facilitate healing as Dr Pearl and indeed as any known healer anywhere on the planet now or throughout history.

What does it take to realize that ability?

Commitment and Practice.

And more commitment and more practice...

Ask yourself if you’re ready to step into your mastery. No one else can answer that.

Kids can learn Reconnective Healing in two hours – see the Reconnective Kids pages.

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