The Reconnection:
it's about Healing and Our Evolution!

the reconnection

The Reconnection is what makes Reconnective Healing, and all the other applications of these frequencies possible.

When I first read about The Reconnection I was not inspired to go experience it at all! Talk of new "axiatonal" energy lines which connect my body with the earth and the universe; of my multi-dimensional self, of strings (simultaneously occurring or parallel planes of existence) and the reconnection of DNA strands didn't help. I felt like I had enough with a body, mind and heart thanks very much! I was more interested in healing. That I could relate to.

But with some time practicing Reconnective Healing and reading some of the recommended books my understanding - and curiosity - grew to the point where I booked my two appointments and waited eagerly for the time to come around. (I had to travel to Sydney for this as I was the only practitioner in my state of Tasmania.)

During the procedure I definitely felt a connection or a shift take place and it was a memorable experience which seems to have greatly accelerated my progress and clarity around my life's purpose.

The Reconnection is something I now hold very dear and feel very privileged to be able to facilitate.

It is a process whereby our three energy systems or grids - earth's energy (sometimes called ley lines), the body's energy meridians (sometimes called acupuncture lines or points) and universal or astro-biological patterns - are activated or 'reconnected'.

This often brings a renewed sense of understanding and clarity regarding our life's purpose and journey. It may also bring healing on any level.

Now I know that's something you hear often in natural healing circles. And it's taken me a while to realize that The Reconnection can facilitate healing - or our personal evolution - in all areas of life:

  • family issues
  • financial worries
  • becoming more aware of your "higher self" or parallel dimensions
  • emotional issues
  • clarity regarding your life path, work, business or career
  • enhanced immune system
  • open-mindedness, or our ability to learn and assimilate new information

"This really is about healing and evolution

at a new level."

- Doug De Vito

In fact, along with the experience of up to three Reconnective Healing sessions, what we get is virtually our own "human repair kit", enabling us to heal ourselves in many situations.

The Reconnection is facilitated over two one-hour sessions, usually on consecutive days and is a once in a lifetime procedure. Like a healing session, it is done hands off the body, and you are lying comfortably for about 30 minutes on your back on a massage table, fully clothed. There will be time for talking before and a debrief after each session.

The fee for The Reconnection is always $333 AUD/USD/CAD. Check The Reconnection website for the fee in your currency. 

Unlike Reconnective Healing, this procedure must be done in person, not at a distance

Relax and enjoy your Reconnection and know that it will unfold for the rest of your life.

The Reconnection...enables access to one’s divine pathway. And it is for this reason that we actually hold very dear this aspect of the energy. For it is this aspect that will foster all manner of improvements when it comes to having everyone re-enter their divine pathway.

You will find that when someone experiences The Reconnection, they are in fact experiencing divine input that specifically targets their emotional state and sets them on a path that is designed to foster change to enable them to begin again when it comes to adopting a life more suitable than the one they’ve left behind.”

- Archangel Sandalfon
via Jenny K.

Go from The Reconnection page to book your session or contact me for more information.

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