A Healing Meditation to deal with back pain
(or any other pain from mind to toe!)

This is a practical exercise in self-healing meditation for the relief of pain so let’s...



There are many, many places to start to initiate self-healing. Here are two: hands and breath. Try them both in the same or separate sessions.

1.       HANDS

Lie down on your back as comfortably as possible.

Now bend your elbows so your hands are facing each other across your abdomen, fingers slightly apart as in this picture.

NOTICE what your hands are feeling. Notice the air; move one hand. Notice what the other hand feels.

Look at the space between your hands; compress this space slightly into the size of a baseball, then slowly expand it like a balloon. Notice how the ball feels. With your imagination (as a bridge to really feeling), turn your ball into a super-light table tennis ball and throw it from one hand to the other. Notice as it arrives in each hand. Play.

ASK yourself “what am I noticing?”

“I’m noticing the air, heat, cold, pushing, pulling, tingling, nothing, a breeze, prickling, buzzing…” these are typical sensations. Notice that feeling “nothing” is also normal and acceptable. (How great it can be to feel ‘nothing’ when you were in pain!)

THINK about this: These are all characteristics of your ‘light body’, also known as your astral body, energetic body, soul etc. This aspect of our being does not get sick or produce pain; rather it is in constant contact with the Source of life (‘Higher Self’, ‘Overself’, Spirit etc.)

By the way you do not have to believe this, just DO the exercise because you want to be free of your back pain.

Now expand that awareness into the rest of your body.

Keeping the feeling in your hands, notice it also in your elbows, arms, shoulders, over your head and neck, back to your hands again.

 Repeat down through your chest, down your spine to your coccyx or buttocks; down through your thighs to your knees, ankles, feet and toes and back to your hands.

Breathe in the feeling; relax your hands onto the bed, keeping them open to feel the air and energy. Have your eyes either open or closed as feels right for you.

Stay there as long as is comfortable for you then walk away, knowing you’ve done all you need to do now to facilitate your healing. Release all judgments. Instead, give thanks and feel the gratitude that comes from being alive and being able to find one aspect of your self that is free of pain.


Another way to initiate a self-healing meditation is to start with your breath. Unless you’ve been practicing breath-based meditation it’s probably best to start with the hand method above first.

START by noticing your breathing. No need to breathe a certain way. Listen to what your body is telling you – to breathe more deeply, slowly, rhythmically?

Now as you exhale, follow with your awareness going down through your abdomen, then as you inhale, follow the flow up into your chest, neck and head.

With each new breath, expand your awareness into every ‘part’ of your body. Realize that there are no parts: we are One: Billions of cells communicating as one. And the breath feels good even when there is pain in one area of ‘us’.

So instead of thinking “My back is hurting” think “We are hurting, but this breath brings fresh life, wholeness; healing.”

Practice until you enjoy each breath and have relaxed as much as possible then walk away, knowing the healing has begun. Give thanks and feel the gratitude, trusting that the results will unfold in the appropriate time.

A special note about prayer and meditation techniques.

Occasionally I see a client praying or practicing a meditation technique during their healing session, and missing out on the actual experience that’s unfolding for them in that moment.  If you like to pray but feel there’s room for improvement in your ability to heal yourself, consider this.

As you start your session pray once - briefly - in a way that starts with ‘Thank You for this Healing.” (Full stop. Now relax and receive.)

Why? Because this is a prayer of faith based on knowing that there is a loving, healing presence in your life rather than pleading. Once you’ve practiced the above you’ll KNOW and therefore won’t need to believe any more.

Let me know how you like these exercises either in the comments below or in a private message via the contact page. And if you need a 'booster' - as I do from time to time - consider making an appointment. See also Sue Butler's experience learning to self-heal after two sessions of Reconnective Healing here.

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