Do you want to know how to meditate?
I’m going to give away the ‘secret’ of real meditation.

This page was written with the following people in mind:

Adults seeking a way to relax and practice self healing

Kids and teenagers

Parents and teachers who want to pass on this information to kids.

If this sounds like you, read on. I’ll show you how to meditate with the best techniques I’ve come across in my 40+ years of practice.

If you’re an adult and want to know how to meditate to experience inner peace, go here and learn from a master of Self Knowledge.

So I’m going to give away the ‘secret’ of real meditation and tell you exactly how to do it naturally and easily. And the younger you are, the easier it will be to learn. (I’ll explain that soon!)

But before I get to the HOW, let’s get clear on the Why, What, Who and When. If you’re clear on those, then meditation is a breeze.

Why do people learn how to meditate?

You have two eyes to see the world, so why would you close them – except to go to sleep?

You have imagination and the ability to dream. Is that what meditation is like?

You could say that imagining and dreaming use our inner eyes. And meditation is a way to explore and enjoy your inner world - while you are awake.

Just like we have telescopes to help see the moon and stars, we have meditation to ‘see’ or 'feel' our inner universe.

Love Your Self

Just as we have people who know and love us, we need to know and love our self. The more you know and love your self, the more you can feel loved no matter what’s happening around you.

Even in the middle of really tough times, like arguments or school bullying you have a safe place inside of you.

Knowing your self is like having your own private luxury apartment in the middle of a busy city. You have the keys, so you can go there whenever you want.

What is meditation?

Prem Rawat in meditation c1960

When I talk about meditation to school kids they’ll immediately show me a half-lotus/cross legged pose, put their hands on their knees with forefinger and thumb joined and start chanting “Om, Om, Om.”

To me, at least, that’s not meditation. It’s just a concept of what meditation should be; what it looks like on the outside.

Meditation means Union - to unite with something. And you can't unite or merge with something that's not YOU!

So real meditation is not staring at a mandala,

  • meditation is not repeating a mantra (chanting or silently repeating a word or phrase, usually in another 'sacred' or ancient language like Sanskrit or Hebrew)
  • meditation is not saying a prayer
  • meditation is not looking at a candle or a beautiful view or artwork
  • meditation is not thinking or holding an intention
  • meditation is not about controlling your breathing.

Now there may be value in these activities. It’s just not what I call real meditation.

Why not? Because meditation means to become One, to merge your mind into your energy or heart. And you can only become one with something if you’re already one with it.

This is called REALIZATION as in

“I just realized something!”

“What did you realize?”

“I just realized that my watch is in my pocket! I was looking everywhere for it, but it was with me all the time!”

That’s like real meditation. You can meditate on something other that what you already have; or what you already are, BUT that’s not really satisfying. And don't we really want to be satisfied, content, happy?!

Close your eyes and wake up!

You can only become what or who you already are: a process of remembering or reconnecting, awakening or realization. For this, all you need is a reminder: someone who can remind you, again and again if necessary, who you are. This reminder-person is called a master or teacher.

How will you know when you meet a master/teacher? He or she will have the ability to be your reminder. His/her words will ring true to you, awakening the deepest feelings of peace. Listening to a master – a person who can guide you to learn how to meditate and heal or balance your life - always feels good. A teacher holds out a mirror so we can see our self on the inside.

“Know Thyself”

– Socrates

Socrates lived about 2,400 years ago in Greece, yet people still remember his famous advice. Many masters in different countries in different times have said similar things.

“To me the real essence of meditation is The Union between our consciousness and our Self. When our real and true consciousness – not perceived realities, but true consciousness – meets with the true self, that inner beauty, then there is something to behold.”

- Prem Rawat, 2010. (Words of Peace Global)

Who can learn to meditate?

You can! Even if you can’t read this yet because you’re too young, you can! Real meditation is not just for monks and nuns, yogis and new-age mums.

Today you can learn and practice easily, whether you want to go to a yoga class or not; whether you are religious or not, you can do it just for fun and to feel good.

How to Meditate?

Brothers Asher and Jesse practice self healing/meditation at a Reconnective Kids Workshop.

Feeling the Frequencies

You can also learn to feel 'the frequencies' by having a Reconnective Healing session or three, attending one of my classes, reading Dr. Pearl's book or attending his seminar.

For kids and adults alike, the best way to learn how to meditate that I’ve ever seen is what we at The Reconnection call "self healing".

Perhaps the most important part of a Reconnective Kids class is where we teach you self healing. You’ve already spent almost two hours feeling and playing with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. You’ve seen how others show registers as they feel the frequencies and seen how the effects tend to get stronger with distance.

Here are the three steps to learn how to meditate like a yogi or the best yoga teacher.

  1. Feel the Frequencies for your self. This is what the first 100 minutes of a Reconnective Kids workshop is about: feeling and recognizing the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Start with your hands, then the arms, shoulders, over the head and face, down the chest – and still feeling with your hands – to the stomach, legs and feet.
  2. Observe. Notice when you feel nothing, notice when you feel something. Notice your mind thinking, and choose to also go with the feelings.
  3. Enjoy being there for as long as you like, being in the light or the lightness of being. Know that “"This is me vibrating at a level of light".” Realize that you are the angel who can fix your problems.

(It’s always amazing to me how quickly kids can get into this. Often, as I’m demonstrating I’ll open my eyes to see a whole class – or typically 18 out of 20 kids – actually going inside, looking like absolute angels.)

For a simple, effective self-healing meditation you can start to practice today, see this article.

This is the method I use whenever I get sick or experience back pain (or any other area of pain or imbalance) and it always helps.

When to Meditate

Meditate when you feel like it.

I call it Self Healing, so practice when you feel the need, when you feel out of balance, tired or upset. Or just for fun!

Practice when you’re alone and in a quiet, comfortable place, either sitting up or lying down.

You can’t go inside your self too often; so many things are calling you to look outside!

So enjoy Your Self for a change!

See this short article on The Law of One for four more practical meditation exercises.

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