How Reconnective Healing works

Message received from my friend in conversation with 'Spirit'.

Spirit, can you tell me please what happens with the “linkages” you mentioned when we do Reconnective Healing? What are these linkages about? How do we bring about healing?


"The Linkages you refer to J[ohnny] enable the human body to be its own repair kit. By this we mean, human DNA is made up of strands which we refer to as linkages. And these linkages perform to the task of making sure the human body is connected in a way to enable balance to be achieved within your physical framework. And in order to bring this about there are strands (we call linkages) that convey the information.


The other linkages we speak of are strings which connect yourselves to the universal matrix. When we talk of these linkages, we are referring to your connection to the living matrix of all living things, because we see this as important, Dear One, so that you can begin to appreciate that you humans really do play an important role in the big scheme of things.


Let’s talk about your Reconnective Healing for a moment shall we? When you do your healing work what you are doing is busily reconnecting the body’s linkages. And by doing this we mean you are fundamentally enhancing the body’s energetic system which helps bring about a change in the balance, across the various elements that go to make up your body.


When this is done then all manner of healing takes place because you are fulfilling a need whereby the body is brought into alignment when the healing occurs.


Next we have healing through the reconnection of strings whereby energy healing enables the human body to receive input from the universal matrix. When this occurs, then strings are reconnected across your aspect-of-being and they extend out into the matrix thereby enabling the person to undergo an infusion of Divine Energy that acts like a trigger for putting the person back onto their life path, should they be off it!


And there we have strings and strands being Reconnected, Dear One…what we call “linkages”.




St. Benedict

Nov 17, 2010



Thanks to my friend ‘Johnny’ for enabling me to publish this message.

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