Reconnective Healing Failure

Let’s Talk About Disappointing Results with Healing

Is it possible that such a graceful, broad spectrum of energy, light and information might switch itself on and off for some reason? Or that it might work for one person and not for another? Let’s look at this.

I usually start each healing session talking with a new client, sometimes for almost half an hour before inviting them onto the massage table. I then offer them a chance to feel the frequencies in their hand. I know from experience that most people will notice something while some won’t. So after a few seconds I’ll ask “Do you feel something or nothing?”

I estimate that 70 to 80% feel something. It can be hard to put the sensation into words. Why? Because it’s a new experience that language hasn’t created a concept for yet.

Typical descriptions include “cold, fresh air, warm, hot, fuzzy, tingly, prickly, pushing, pulling, like strings, like a magnet” and many more. Often they sense that the feelings get stronger as I pull my hands away from theirs.

(I’ve sometimes given a whole class of twenty or more children this opportunity too and I’d say 90% of them feel something. Some are almost bowled over by what they feel while others notice a more subtle energy. Then there are the one or two who feel “nothing”.)

Does that mean that for ten to thirty percent of people Reconnective Healing doesn’t work?

Ignorance is Miss!

From numerous scientific studies we know that these energies – of healing and intention – do pass through concrete, steel and copper shielded rooms instantaneously. But there’s one thing denser than all these materials and it’s called ignorance: our ability to ignore; to choose either appreciation or doubt; light or darkness. It’s our human free will in action.

Even after a thirty-minute healing session a person can say “I didn’t really notice anything” and I’ve said this myself!

Now, as an experienced Reconnective Healing practitioner I can smile inwardly in these situations. Because, firstly, I’ve usually seen physiological registers in the person in response to the frequencies and secondly I can feel the frequencies and know I’ve done my bit to allow the client to be immersed in the experience. Healing is a participatory experience and the best we can do is provide the opportunity to feel balanced; to open a door so that others may choose to walk through, or not.

Just as I can’t take credit for any healing that occurs neither can I accept the blame if their expectations aren’t met and the results seem disappointing. I understand that the successful practitioner is one who is in peace no matter what.

Who Owns This Dis-Ease?

Another important realization for both practitioner and client concerns problem ownership: the disease 'belongs' to each person; the body has allowed it, therefore each one is responsible for it and also responsible for letting it go.

That's why Reconnective Healing is so empowering because it teaches us to heal our self rather than relying on the practitioner or other external means like drugs or physical manipulation techniques.

We come into this world, it seems, carrying certain predispositions and vulnerabilities: genetic and epigenetic characteristics that increase the likelihood of contracting certain diseases. In this 'new energy' however - this time of change in our personal and collective evolution - we have the opportunity to 'drop our karma.'

Drop Your Karma!

What does it mean to 'drop your karma'; to rise above your pain and dis-ease? It reminds me of our dog, Archie. He loved chasing sticks and balls at the beach. So much so that it was difficult to get him to drop that stick unless you gave him another one to chase...

Or what about when you get 'dropped' by your girlfriend/boyfriend or partner? It hurts. You go through the whole grieving process which might take years (even though she'll say 'we can still be friends') until, at last you find that you can actually be friends; you can think of her without resentment or longing. Even though you were 'dropped' and you will always think of her there's now enough separation that it no longer hurts.

It can be like that with pain and disease.

A healing session or three will give you the opportunity to see/feel the light; to recognize another state of being, a state of ease. Then it's up to you to maintain that feeling, to accept it as 'you' and move on - or not.

Healing can be instant and total or it can be instant and partial and all these possibilities can be appropriate depending how ready you are to 'drop your karma' and on the timing of the healing.

Is Your Practitioner Certified?* (or should she be?)

Another reason why it may seem like Reconnective Healing hasn’t worked is, let’s face it, in the hands of the practitioner. Some Reconnective Healing practitioners I’ve heard of mix the frequencies with energy healing modalities, which can dilute their effect, leading to allegations that Reconnective Healing is fake or even a scam.

Successful practitioners understand this and manage to keep the experience pure by separating it from other modalities which they practice, in line with Eric Pearl’s philosophy.

Some Advice When Reconnective Healing Seems to Fail

In my experience, those who feel disappointed after their Reconnective Healing need to have patience and see their healing unfold in its own time. You can also check:

  • Have you had three Reconnective Healing sessions as suggested?

  • Have you allowed sufficient time between or after your sessions? Maybe the healing you’re hoping for will show up in weeks, months or even years from now.

  • Have you considered your definition of healing? What does it means to you to heal on “all levels” – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual? Perhaps your DNA, in its wisdom, has different priorities for healing than you’re aware of.

  • Can you notice progress in unexpected areas? For example, have you decided to change your diet, get more exercise, read new books, or reconnect with family and friends? Are you more content in yourself or within your personal or business relationships? These are also part of our healing journey.

  • Are you open to receiving other as-yet unconsidered treatments as well as energy healing? Some of us have rejected certain medical approaches because of bad past experiences, but there is a time and place for everything even surgery, drugs and other mainstream approaches.

Ultimately, we’re learning to heal ourselves and for this we have to regularly go inside and understand – through feeling – who we are.

“This is me vibrating at a level of light!
I think I’ll do it again!”

- Dr. Eric Pearl

* A Reconnection Certified Practitioner has, after the initial four days of training with Eric Pearl and The Reconnection teaching team, undergone a period of practice of at least a year, submitted written records of healing and The Reconnection sessions, passed a written and practical exam and had bi-annual reviews.


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