Reconnective Healing
“Is it like Reiki?”

When describing Reconnective Healing to someone, the first question I get nine times out of ten is, “Is it like Reiki?”

There are three valid answers to this I reckon:

    1. Yes (it is like reiki)
    2. No (it’s not at all like reiki)
    3. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not: you decide for your self.

My answer used to be “Well it depends who you ask…”

Now days I tend to go with numbers 2 and 3.

Let me explain a little here.

1. Yes, Reconnective Healing is like Reiki.

In Summary...

Reiki = Energy Healing

Reconnective Healing (RH) = 'beyond energy as we have known it'; a broader spectrum of energy, light and information

Old Way --- New Way

Reiki Requires training in technique --- RH Belongs to us all (even kids) and is not technique based

That’s what a couple of my clients who are reiki practitioners/masters have said after their first experience. Some leave it at that, having satisfied their curiosity and reassured themselves, perhaps, that they don’t need to change what they do or believe.

I do remember one reiki master coming here for a curiosity visit. During his Reconnective Healing half hour there were the usual REM (rapid eye movement) registers so I knew something was happening, then, for the last 15 minutes or so, deep sleep and quite loud snoring!

On awakening, the client’s remark was “Oh it’s just like reiki.”

I had to ask “Were you asleep, because it seemed like you were?”

“No, just deeply relaxed.”

Now, I don’t know, but I doubt if deep relaxation includes such loud snoring. The next thing I knew was this reiki master making a hurried exit to his car!

I’ve just checked and I have had 14 reiki practitioners as clients for Reconnective Healing and/or The Reconnection and only two of them have made this kind of comment.

Another reiki master/client said, after three Reconnective Healing sessions:

“I feel it’s got me back to my old grounded self!”

Here’s another problem with comparisons and with language/concepts in general:

We tend to get stuck on the words and forget the experience/feeling that created the word on the first place.

Reiki comes from two Japanese words, rei = Universal and ki = Life Force (which is no doubt related to the Chinese word chi or qi meaning the same)

So if reiki is universal life force/energy, how can anyone claim ownership? How can there be different levels and systems? Unless in reality it is a subset of universal energy healing; maybe all we needed or could cope with when it was introduced in the early twentieth century?

This problem of tagging and language/concepts applies equally to The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, partly because it’s not just about what we would consider “healing”. That’s another story though which I'll deal with further down this article.

2. No, it’s not like reiki.

This is also a valid statement in terms of three points of view, firstly my own personal experience and, secondly from the results of scientific experiments and third, we have “messages from management”.

My own experience comes from using reiki for almost twenty years, not as a professional practitioner, but mostly within my family and for self healing. My wife and I learned basic reiki in 1992. It was invaluable in helping our children through their childhood illnesses, particularly asthma, and the stresses of growing up. In fact reiki was the only thing that helped our youngest child to settle when the nighttime coughing started.

But with reiki I never experienced the registers and results that I’ve seen with The Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Then there is the experience of ten of my clients mentioned above who are experienced reiki practitioners and who reported unique experiences with their reconnection.

Secondly, there are the scientists who have been investigating this phenomenon since Dr Eric Pearl began experiencing it with his patients in 1992.

There are currently six teams of scientists engaged in research into various aspects of Reconnective Healing. These include Drs. Gary Schwartz, Ann Baldwin, William Tiller, Konstantin Korotkov, Melinda Connor, Glen Rein, Fritz Popp and Alexander Popp. You can Google any of these people’s websites to see publications of their relevant research or, for a summary and video interviews, go to The Reconnection website’ science page.

Some of their conclusions so far:

    a) Reconnective Healing is real and measurable in numerous independent criteria.
    b) It is different to energy healing as we have known it (including Reiki and almost one thousand other methods which have been assessed by the same scientists)
    c) These differences have been measured in the brainwaves and heart rhythm patterns of both the receiver and practitioner
    d) Reconnective Healing frequencies are different to energy healing, meditation, yoga, affirmations or anything that has been studied or experienced before.
    e) Both the practitioner and client/patient go into a state of emotional quiescence characterized by heightened awareness, feelings of peace, connection to The Field and the ability to perceive on enhanced levels
    f) The practitioner becomes a catalyst, receiving and sensing the frequencies rather than channeling or “sending.” Thus, we are able to go “beyond the limitations and frailties of technique.”  (- Eric Pearl)

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has just published a book about his research, titled "Science Confirms Reconnective Healing." Here is a quote from Dr Korotkov at a recent conference:

"Reconnective Healing is a new step in human medicine. I was skeptical at first but after seeing the results of the testing we did at the 2008 conference I have no doubt that this is a new step in human development.

"Reconnective Healing is absolutely different to other healing modalities. From the experiments we have reached a very important conclusion: When we do Reconnective Healing we tremendously change the environment."

- Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Third we do have messages from what I call “management” or you could say the higher dimensional self or higher densities of consciousness or the angelic realm/spirit...our invisible family.

For instance, over fifty of Eric Pearl’s patients delivered the same six messages to him, one of which was:

“What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet.”

Eric’s story is detailed in a most humorous, easy to read style in his book, “The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself” and his second book published in 2013, "Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life".

We also have a message from Archangel Sandalfon:

“Let us impart to you our divine message about Reconnective Healing. As such, it will be evident what we are about to say.

It is a type of healing brought about by the use of “energy healing” that has not been on your planet until we instilled in your Dr. Pearl all manner of healing capabilities designed to impart healing that goes deep into the consciousness and comes out specifically so that you are left in a better state emotionally always and sometimes physically and other times left in a more conductive state regarding your mental faculties and even enables your spiritual path to be quickened.

Reconnective Healing was brought about because your species is now ready to ascend to the next level. And this will enable the facilitation of the process whereby you can begin to ascend in an orderly fashion.”

Wow, I do like that one!

3. Maybe!

This is where you get to decide for your self. After twenty years since The Reconnection appeared on the planet there are no known contraindications. You might be pregnant, have an infant, or be an athlete or infirm, curious or desperate, young or elderly.

So why not find out for yourself?

That’s what over 75,000 people like me have done by attending Level I/II seminars to learn Reconnective Healing and many thousands more of their friends, families and clients.

Then there are the thousands of children and teenagers who have been to a Reconnective Kids workshop. In the last few years, I've taught over six hundred children, aged from 4 to 16, to feel these palpable Reconnective Healing frequencies.

It’s child’s play!

One last word from Dr Eric Pearl:

"Energy healing techniques, old and new, are like training wheels on a bicycle. You don't improve by adding more. To truly master the bicycle, you must remove the training wheels. The true gift of the healing technique comes only in its transcendence."

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