Shift Happens!

More than a few great masters have given us a message to be like a child if we want to enjoy and truly understand this life.

But how many of us can really remember – reconnect with – the essence of a child?

What is a child like? They laugh a lot. They cry easily too. Children like to play and will explore whatever is around them.

Have you seen a baby looking at its hands as if they’re not a part of him or her? Fascinated by her fingers; hardly aware of what or who it is that’s making them move!

Is that how we see this Universe, the world we live in - as disconnected, separate entities that can only be studied piecemeal? Do we doubt that we are actually a vital part of all we see ‘out there’?

Have you noticed a shift in this kind of thinking lately? Wherever you look there are more and more people connecting the dots, bridging what were opposing views; breaking down barriers. Or trying to. Or dying in the attempt!

Anyone who thinks outside the cultural ‘square’ seems to others to be weird or worse. You might think nothing’s changed since Copernicus set a cat among the pigeons 500 years ago on Europe by proving that the earth revolves around the sun, but today some scientists are beginning to sound like metaphysicians, describing the quantum world where, for example, particles that have become ‘entangled’ continue to behave as one, even after being separated by thousands of miles!

Sound like separated lovers to you?

Take a look around your local bookshop and see a whole range of self-help and spiritual titles that weren’t there a decade or two ago.

Talk about your belief in angels or E.T.s and it’s likely that some will actually relate to what you’re on about these days.

Wherever you look there’s a shift in awareness going on. Demands for equality and peace, uprisings and protests, people making an effort to establish a more caring and sustainable community on the one planet we know can support us.

Whether it’s coming because our solar system’s journey through the galaxy brings us through the Milky Way’s equatorial zone or whether it’s a divine gift or whether it’s just a result of our natural evolution as a species, it’s here!

Our choice is to accept and enjoy the new level of light and consciousness or to try and continue to ignore it.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Belief and faith isn’t enough either; not for me. Knowing is bliss. Feeling like a child – in an adult’s body and mind – is bliss.

It’s what the heart desires, and no coincidence that one of the Hindu names for God is “sat-chit-anand” – truth, consciousness and bliss.

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