Knowing and Believing
What Do I Know?

Swan or ugly duckling? We need a mirror to see our Self. (Public domain image)

There are things I know and things I believe. And plenty I don’t know about nor even have an interest in! Knowledge is simple, basic and supported by constant experience:


I know I’m alive, I exist, I breathe. There’s no end to knowing my existence and appreciating my life, this breath, this moment - whether I look within myself or around me. And that’s where my focus has to be if I’m to make sense of all the things I believe are really going on around me. Because within me is the feeling, the knowing of peace, clarity and constancy: self knowledge is my foundation, and without it I’m like a little boat tossed around on the ocean, going wherever the current affairs take me.

And what do I believe?


From my foundation of self-knowledge, I’m free to try on various beliefs, knowing that they’re likely to change as new information comes to my attention. I’ve grown to like the adventure of ‘cognitive dissonance’ that erupts in my mind (and gut) when confronted with new paradigms or new information. That first reaction – to defend my current beliefs, to scorn the new, laugh at the information source or turn away and dismiss it – is something I never quite get used to, like stepping onto a mono-rail at a fun park, but I’ll line up for it anyway.

One memorable occasion of this cognitive dissonance or initial disbelief was when I received a channeled message from my friend in Melbourne in 2010, which I wrote about here.


Another was when a close friend told me, sometime after 9/11, that that terrible tragedy was ‘an inside job’. I really thought she’s gone loopy at that stage, then I slowly started seeing some pretty credible evidence from architects and engineers and many others. I watched documentaries and read books on the subject. Guess what? Now I believe it was an inside job all right!


Who Controls My Belief System?

When I was a kid and our family bought the first television sometime in the late sixties we prided ourselves on the fact that we only watched the ABC – Australia’s public broadcaster. Free from ads and American soap operas it was and still is a trusted source of information, current affairs and drama. Well, that was up until it all became clearer in 2020.

(According to my friends I did miss out on some pretty great commercial viewing at that time, including the talk of the playground in 1966, a sitcom called Number 96 which included full-frontal nudity that wouldn’t get a look-in today! Now that would have been good education for an eleven-year-old!)

It was in my first year of pre-school teaching, 1976, that I first realized how journalists control what we read in the media. I was slated for an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly and The Canberra Times for being one of the first male pre-school teachers in Australia. (The other guy only lasted less than a year before returning to secondary teaching so I could call myself the first).


Both journalists acted as if they’d already written their stories before seeing me. So, when I launched into my philosophy that what mattered wasn’t my gender but my simply being there for the kids and parents, their eyes glazed over and I didn’t know why. Until I read their story wherein they omitted any quote from me and wrote their own angle anyway.

I remember thinking ‘If they do this for my little story, what are they doing with the big news stories?’

The next insight came while doing a unit towards my Bachelor of Education at the University of Tasmania. It was called Educational Media Studies and it included a visit to the local TV station. There we saw how the many stories that flood into the newsroom every day are sorted. Most are discarded; others are edited into a sound bite that will fit between ad breaks.


I realized that the news we see is all edited and some is actually ignored. It never gets shown to the public at all.


And so it is today, even with our beloved ABC – which we in Australia affectionately call Aunty. It’s not just the editing and the selective angles or bias of journalists and producers, it’s the facts they simply won’t talk about.


All these and more are topics of proven reality which don’t mesh with the mainstream dogma and are therefore laughed at and dismissed.

Military-Industrial Complex, Illuminati, New World Order or Cabal and...

It’s easy to believe in a cabal of evil elites who’ve kept us in ignorance for thousands of years because they need masses of obedient slaves to satisfy their needs for power. Actually I do believe there are such people and some of them have very familiar names.

They operate internationally within what President Dwight Eisenhower called ‘the military-industrial complex’ and beyond that in what’s apparently known as the Secret Space Program and various financial and government institutions.

But any discussion of the controlling and influences in our world must get down to the basics. Any list of cabal/illuminati members must include our self; and images must include a mirror because the fact is that no one can control us – especially now in this age of possible enlightenment – except with our permission.

Why? Because we have within us and within our communities the power to awaken to our divine freedom – the freedom to choose our thoughts and emotions – our reality.

What do I mean by the power within us and within our communities?


Within us is wisdom, clarity, love and kindness. There’s also plenty of doubt, fear and anger inside us. Just as we need a mirror to see our own face, we need a kind of mirror to see what’s within us and that’s where community comes in.


There are those who reflect our goodness and those who reflect our fears and doubts. In India, one who shows the inner light is called ‘guru’ – ‘gu’ means light; ‘ru’ means darkness, so a guru is one who can take the student from darkness to light. In the West, such teachers are called masters. The surprise of our times is that we are all realizing our potential to be masters –  of our selves. Our effect on community, friends and family is secondary. Even recognized masters are delivering a core message focused on self-realization rather than ‘follow me and you’ll get to heaven when you die’.


 Any master, teacher or guru who hasn’t yet come down from their pedestal and removed their titles, robes, crown or mitre is just not keeping up with this shift that’s happening.

Finding help and guidance in a teacher, master, friend or guru is a natural consequence of being in a community of souls here on Earth. There’s difference in being a student and a follower, where the latter implies being led by blind faith whereas a student maintains his or her dignity and independence. I remember when opting to learn from a young Indian guru in the seventies the scorn and fear with which my decision was greeted by my family. Today almost everyone I know goes to a yoga class or has a personal trainer or coach of some kind – ‘but that’s different’?

My World View

How can I form realistic beliefs about the world and what’s happening in it politically, socially and environmentally if my news and information sources are compromised? As I said, even our trusted ABC Australia fears to air certain subjects because of community or scientific dogma.

When scientist Rupert Sheldrake wrote and spoke about the dogma of science his TED talk was (apparently) banned. (The Science Delusion – Freeing The Spirit of Enquiry, 2012) Of course that meant his talk is now widely viewed online, but don’t expect it to be the subject of the next episode of your favorite TV science show.

And don’t hold your breath hoping Sophie Scott, the ABC’s medical reporter will tell you that the cure for cancer was discovered many years ago as was the answer to most forms of heart disease or that the second biggest killers in our western world are iatrogenic. (That means, caused by the medical system itself – wrong drugs, wrong diagnosis, right drugs but lethal ‘side-effects’, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery etc. etc. In the USA these deaths amounted to over 300,000 souls at last report. Per year.)

Lately, my news and information sources have broadened somewhat, thanks largely to the Internet and some authors I’d only heard of in the last seven years.


For news and current affairs, I still watched the ABC (Australia) and especially their weekly investigative reports, Four Corners and Foreign Correspondent. But why stop there when there are a host of other news sites that give a different perspective or report on entirely different issues and events. Even the SBS Worldwide news includes some stories not mentioned on the ABC, especially international events. It was not until April 2020 that I realised the bias and half truths being reported or ignored by virtually all the mainstream media (MSM)

Then there are sources which are really ‘out there’. Sources which one had to take an initial leap from the cliff of skepticism even to take a look at. But once you do, it’s surprising how much sense they make. Some of them anyway.


My first encounter that made a difference was reading an issue of New Dawn magazine in April 2009 which carried a story about Reconnective Healing research. Cognitive dissonance kicked in (laugh, sneer) but I kept reading anyway. A few months later I was a qualified practitioner. Not only that but I was also starting to read books which I’d never looked twice at before in an attempt to explain this new healing reality.

The first was an impossibly esoteric opus by J.J. Hurtak, The Keys of Enoch. I was advised to look up a section of this book which described the process we now call The Reconnection. The interesting thing to me was that, after undergoing this process in 2010, the reading of The Keys started to make more sense.

Then there were authors like Greg Braden with his Fractal Time explanations and scientists like Gary Schwartz, Konstantin Korotkov and many others. I found that books by non-scientists Lynne McTaggart (The Field) and David Wilcock (The Source Field Investigations) made these new discoveries more accessible for me. These authors have a talent for not only understanding the science but also connecting the dots made by different researchers and explaining things to lay people like me.


It started to become possible for me to understand and explain my new healing work in terms of quantum physics concepts and Rupert Sheldrake’s ‘morphic fields’ (A New Science of Life, 2009)

No one can control us – especially now in this age of possible enlightenment – except with our permission.

I remember first seeing a reference to a series of books by Lee Carroll titled Kryon. I had no idea who or what Kryon was and didn’t bother to find out for a few years, but when I did…I bought the whole series of twelve books eventually. With titles like Don’t Think Like a Human and The Twelve Layers of DNA among others I was hooked.


The reality of channeling challenged and fascinated me, but Lee Carroll and Kryon sounded like the real deal. It shouldn’t have seemed so strange I guess whereas I used to do something like that almost every night for years during the late seventies. We didn’t call it channeling though, it was talking from the heart or ‘satsang’ in Hindi which translates as ‘the company of Truth’. Today I call it speaking your truth. It’s addictive and most enjoyable, and more and more people are doing it today thank goodness.

Beliefs are a work in progress for me while knowing is a different kind of work in progress. Beliefs can change or be completely destroyed, but knowing needs to be refreshed daily. For example, I might believe I’m going to live to be a hundred and then discover I’m riddled with a life-threatening disease that will see me out in a matter of months. That will shock the foundations of my centenarian belief but it won’t change what I know about my self if I reconnect with that feeling of peace inside.

Many times this has happened – not the big D diagnosis – but the big shift in beliefs that’s occurred with the breakup of a romantic relationship, a change in my financial situation or hearing the testimony of a whistle-blower.

These days I like hearing what certain ‘insiders’ or whistle-blowers have to say. I do sometimes tune in to David Icke and have a read of Julian Assange’s latest Wikileaks, and I do like what Edward Snowden did in exposing the government’s spying abilities. I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.

In our house we’ve been listening to David Wilcock interviewing Corey Goode and others on their weekly show Cosmic Disclosure ( ) for over a year now. As unbelievable as his story is, Corey seems sincere and honest and it all starts to make sense once you add other sources such as the work of Dr. Steven Greer and the extraordinary testimony of Michel Desmarquet.

Desmarquet wrote one of my all-time favourite books about his journey to a ninth-level planet and the historical, scientific and, especially, spiritual lessons the people there taught him.(Available here either as free PDF or paperback. Also out now on Kindle as 'Abduction to the 9th Planet.')

It’s the only book I’ve read more than a few times because I keep finding incredibly interesting and pertinent lessons there myself. And it’s gratifying to see so many of his revelations being made clear by people like Wilcock, Goode and many others.

I believe we are going to see even more revelations in the coming times about the real history of our species, the cover-ups, the conditioning we’ve been subject to and the reality of our divinity – our ability to love, to forgive and to choose.

There is an incredible future waiting for us to manifest it. A possibility hinted at as I look outside my window now at the beautiful spring garden, calm sea and fresh air. This can be a planet free from war, fear, terrorism, pollution and bigotry. For many of us, it already is.


Thank goodness!

I'd love to hear what you know and believe in - feel free to leave your story below.