Effective Stress Release Through Mentoring

How long is it since someone listened to you without interruption or judgement?

There are many and varied ways in which we can learn to relieve stress in our busy lives.


Over the last six years as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, I’ve found that for a number of clients the time spent talking before and after their healing time on the massage table is really important. For some it’s an opportunity to be able to express their hopes and anxieties and usually starts with the question, “What do you hope to get from your healing experience?”


For others, talking is not necessary; they just need to get on with the inner experience made available from bathing in ‘the frequencies’.

It was for the first group of people that I enrolled recently in a course run by Lara James called “Effective Stress Release” Ultimate Mentor Training©. This course has been a boost for me personally and offers another option for my students and clients to release stress to help overcome illness and dis-ease mental, emotional and physical.

Mentoring (or counseling) starts with active listening. How long is it since someone just listened to you without interruption or judgement? It then extends to more active problem-solving techniques allowing for the release of chronic patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour and the complete appreciation of one’s self!


After all, we are each one of us, unique, special and complete.


It is even possible to use mentoring or counseling as a way to release physical pain and disease. For example, childhood asthma, eczema and epilepsy are very often triggered by emotional imbalances. Once these patterns are identified and released the conditions can heal very quickly.

(Other environmental causes can also be at play in which case other methods must be used. Also note that mentoring is not a substitute for your usual medical treatments and the same disclaimers apply as for energy healing.)


Physical pains such as back pain, neck pain or restrictions can also clear when the related stressors are released with these powerful methods.


No matter what we have been through in our lives and what diagnosis we have attached to our present condition – post traumatic stress disorder, depression etc. – there is within us that little child that was once free to cry and laugh, connected and receiving, intelligent enough to learn a whole language, to learn to walk and run, cooperative, communicative, trusting, loving and open…


She/he is still here.


Effective Stress Release Mentoring is available for you now at Gore Street Medical in Hobart or in your home via telephone or Skype.


You can book your first stress release mentoring session here.

Problem Ownership is another important understanding for effective stress release. See this short article and video here.

Your Parenting Style is another key ingredient in managing stress in your family life. Read an article here.

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