A Teaching Strategies List of Nine Things to Remember and to Be!

Technology has changed since the '80s but certain strategies are worth remembering

1. Listen to your students individually as often as possible. Observing them at work and play is important too.

2. Find out what their interests are and accept them without judgment.

3. Allow them to develop their interests and to approach the topic in a way that suits their learning style.

4. Be a reminder: tell your students what they already know – but have probably forgotten. If they’re over four years of age they will have forgotten their ‘spiritual’ nature, lost their ability to see or hear beyond the veil, to remember their life between incarnations and started to doubt their uniqueness. Remind them that we are all in this same boat of forgetfulness, but we are here to enjoy this life – obviously! Fairy tales and inspirational stories built around 'the hero's journey' will help.

Know Your Self

Whatever you are presenting as a teacher

you are always presenting Your Self

5. Be a teacher. You have essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to convey so claim your right to teach.

6. Be a learner. Be honest enough to admit ‘I don’t know’. It can be very empowering for you and your students.

7. Remember that whatever you are presenting as a teacher, you are always presenting yourself. Therefore, follow the timeless advice of Socrates and others to “Know Your Self” by taking time out to turn your attention within.

8. Encourage and enable your students to turn within as well by making it a normal part of their day to focus within for a few minutes, having a relaxation area in the classroom or at least a bean-bag to lie down on. If you can’t yet teach these skills find someone who can, and learn along with your class.

9. Let your students see your passion for learning and enjoying life! Venture beyond the curriculum occasionally to include topics, stories, songs and anecdotes that inspire or interest you.

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