“The fish in the water is thirsty!
Every time I see that it makes me laugh!”
Kabir  (c. 1440 – c. 1518)

Kabir - fish in the water is thirsty. Painting by Betsy Gamble, 1984 'A cod in water'A cod in water by Betsy Gamble, 1989

Why do we need healing? It’s to get reconnected to our higher, better, more compassionate, awake and aware self.

Often quoted by my friend and teacher, Prem Rawat, in his addresses, this quote from Kabir really helps to pull me back into this moment. The ‘fish’ he’s talking about is me – and you.


Here we are, surrounded by all the peace we could ever want, yet we feel stressed; we go to war; we fight within ourselves, our families and neighbors.


Here we are, surrounded by this universal, free energy (‘zero-point energy’) that keeps the planet turning, the solar system spiraling, the sun shining…yet we’re desperate to burn fossil fuels like coal and gas as if it will have no impact on our delicate ecology; our finely-balanced climate which we depend on for our survival and ‘thrival’!


Here I am, driving my trusty Subaru Outback, burning ten liters of fuel every 100 Kilometers  when the only reason I’m not driving a clean hydrogen-burning vehicle is greed, corruption and scientific dogmatism. The fact is that we won’t embrace free energy until we as a planet rediscover and embrace our humanity, because, along with our humanity comes the response-ability to use unlimited energy wisely, not to destroy but to unite.

Here we are searching for ‘the cure’ for all manner of terrible diseases, when the cause is right under our noses in our ignorant lifestyle choices and limited perceptions. And the solution to our healing is in the very air we breathe; the energy that makes each breath possible.


Specific cures are ignored, not because they don’t work – consider homeopathy and essential oils such as hemp for example – but because they are natural and cannot be patented for profit. Even our own immune system seems to turn against us. Why? When our body has its own built in repair system which we rely on any time we get a cut or bruise, a bite or sting.


And we wonder ‘why do we need healing’! It’s not just to get relief from our frozen shoulder and lower back pain, but so that we can Evolve beyond this stage of unconsciousness, distraction and ignore-ance. It’s to get reconnected to our higher, better, more compassionate, awake and aware self.  It’s about seeing the connections between us; feeling the love and respecting the incredible variety of life around us; knowing who we are.


That, to me, is healing.



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