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One of the delights of being a Reconnective Healing Practitioner is getting to work with our animal friends and their owners. So far I’ve facilitated healing for dogs, cats, birds, cattle and horses. Who knows what kind of pet will turn up next!

As when working with people, there comes a point in every animal healing session where we - the animal and I - know that healing is happening. Most will display certain registers in response to the frequencies. Unlike most people the animal will often then give a signal that "all's well" and simply walk away or go to sleep.

As with Humans, animal Reconnective Healing can be done either hands on or hands off the body, although many pets like cats and dogs prefer to be touched and patted or stroked at first.

Healing can be done from a distance - either from a few feet away, outside their enclosure or from many miles away, even across the planet! (although, let's admit, this latter method requires either a good understanding of applied quantum physics or a leap of faith on the part of the owner!)

The best thing is that the results speak for themselves.

The story of our dog, Archie

Archie Boozle Dog

Archie “Boozle” was our son’s 12th birthday present; a German Shepherd-Border Collie with Character who lived with us for ten years and in four homes.

As a pup he was pretty hyperactive and only just passed his puppy training. “Heel!” was one command he always preferred to ignore even though, as an adult dog he had a receptive language of over a hundred words.

While I was studying the Bowen Therapy Technique, Archie found himself living in an animal healing center and on the receiving end of my animal healing practise, but it was when I moved into Reconnective Healing that we saw some real response.

Doing “hands-off healing” with a dog who’s used to being patted and stroked can be confusing for the pet at first, so I started with what he’s accustomed to: patting and stroking his back and tummy.

As I’d raise my hands away from his body, Archie would start to notice the healing frequencies more. He’d get excited but would stay at my feet. Soon he’d do that blissful doggie act of rolling onto his back, paws up, stomach stretched out and go into ‘that place’ between awake and asleep; alert but totally relaxed.

This was always a surprise to anyone watching and I’ve found that working with a pet can be a great way to demonstrate the reality of the Reconnective Healing frequencies, sometimes leading to an appointment with their owner.

Passing Over - Dealing with Pet Loss

It was when Archie died, in February 2011 that I got to see another application of Reconnective Healing. We’d noticed him getting older and slower over a few weeks, but it was just during a few days that he really got sick.

On his last trip to the beach, he didn’t even make it to the sand, but just flopped onto the grass and watched the other dogs trot by and the waves roll in.

Carrying him back to the car we knew it was well past time to get help, and off we went to the vet – on a Sunday!

It was quite clear that Archie knew his time was up for some time. Such a stoic being, when it came to the day, I think the Reconnective Healing really helped him – and us – to relax and accept.

Not that we weren’t extremely sad, losing such a faithful and constant friend, but there was comfort in seeing and feeling the perfection of the whole divine process play out: birth, life and passing. He's still here in our hearts for sure.

Horses after Reconnective Healing

This is Pancho and Blue after their Reconnective Healing. The horses hadn't been themselves since their brother died a month ago.

A week later their owner, Alison wrote "I have noticed a slight change in both Pancho and Blue, more so Pancho I think - they seem more energetic, and I assume therefore they are feeling a little better. Just yesterday and today they have been running around a bit more which is nice to watch."

Update from Alison received 18 July 2012:

"The horses are good, and definitely have benefited from your session with them. Blue seems a lot more at peace and not so sad, Pancho is still nuts but is happier in himself and looks brighter. And he isn't quite so cranky with poor old Blue either! And health wise, they look better. Thanks!!"

- Alison Maclean, Huon Valley, Tasmania

Gudrun's horses

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Thanks to Gudrun Sjalander for the above image of her two horses. Gudrun is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner from just north of Sydney, NSW.

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