fees and payment information

Please make payment 24 hours in advance if this is a distance session.

Reconnective Healing is not yet covered by private health insurance in Australia.

We also offer 'lay-by' or prepayments.

I don't currently accept credit cards at Gore Street Medical, so you may prefer to use the PayPal service here.

Standard Fees:

For Reconnective Healing Sessions, in Hobart or Distance: $120.00 AUD (a one-hour appointment)

People generally require one to three (1 - 3) sessions of Reconnective Healing.

Concession Rates:

Child, Pensioner, Seniors' Card and Carers' Card (Tasmania)  $100.00 AUD (15% discount)

Reconnective Healing Fees

The Universal Sphere Activation session (30 minute appointment which can be repeated as often as necessary)

Universal Sphere Fees

The fee for The Reconnection is $333.00 AUD

Please pay at or before the first of the two sessions or use this secure PayPal button.

This procedure is only done in person and not available via Distance. To find a Reconnection Certified Practitioner in your area see The Reconnection Practitioner Directory.

The fee for a  Reconnective Kids! workshop is $80 for one or two children (siblings). Family discounts apply for three or more siblings - see the drop-down menu.

The minimum fee for a 2-hour video link class for one child/parent is $120. Please use the 'Standard Fee' PayPal link above in this case.

Animal Healing fees as for Reconnective Healing i.e. $120 per hour or part thereof. 

All services are GST exempt in Australia at this stage.

Reconnective Kids: Family Fee Options

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