Eco Healing: New Tools Empower us to Save our Environment, Increase Productivity and Clean Up Contamination

With eco healing, I thought I was creating a new phrase but of course it didn’t take long to do a search for the term online and discover that eco healing refers to “nature’s capacity to help heal and nurture us.” (

I was thinking of it more in terms of Us helping Nature to Heal.

Yes, nature helps us to heal and I do need to get outside in the garden, the beach or under a starry night sky to stay balanced, especially when working on this computer for any length of time.

But so can we help nature to heal.

My use of the term eco healing includes our capacity to help heal the natural environment, restoring balance to the ecology in which we live.

What my experience and learning has shown me is that I am a part of nature, indeed a part of the universe, connected at every level. And its effects are two-way.

My thoughts, feelings and actions affect and are affected by every other being that exists.

My body, mind and energy is a microcosm of the whole outside world: the universe is one (uni) word/vibration (verse).

Today this kind of thinking has progressed way beyond the esoteric. It is a proven quantum scientific fact that we are all connected through The Field – also called The Divine Matrix, Living Matrix and any number of religious terms.

"There is no place in this new kind of physics for both the field and matter for the field is the only reality."

Albert Einstein

Reconnective Eco Healing

What are the effects of Reconnective Healing on plants and objects?

Anyone who has read Eric Pearl’s book, attended a Reconnective Kids class or learned Reconnective Healing knows that these Reconnective Healing frequencies have been demonstrated to have measurable effects on plants.

There is the example of experiments by Dr Melinda Connor, from the University of Arizona . These experiments measured the light (photons) given off by plant leaves after they were cut from the plant using incredibly sensitive camera equipment developed by Fritz-Albert Popp.

In a controlled experiment one set of leaves was given Reconnective Healing while the other was not. The control leaves emitted light for 7 to 10 days, after which they were dead, with no more photons shining forth.

The ones that received Reconnective Healing stayed alive and shining their light for up to 90 days!

These experiments were repeated using distance healing with the same results.

One surprising result was that some of the leaves that received Reconnective Healing began to grow roots!

Keshe Plasma Technology and Agriculture

Just when I thought this was the whole story, along comes a scientist with some truly breakthrough knowledge - which he is actively sharing with us all! The video excerpt below presents some experiments by farmers Jimmy and Lisa McDonald from Australia using this technology in their aquaponic lettuce growing systems with great results.

[Slide the video to the 2:39:36 mark to hear Jimmy's presentation]

Then there is the not so well known story of our potted lemon tree!

This lemon had never really been happy with its life in a pot. Its leaves would turn yellow and it would try to produce way too many flowers and fruit in a last ditch attempt to procreate before it was too late.

So, while enjoying the starry sky or early sunrise, I’d often give the tree some Reconnective Healing.

Now the thing about doing healing is that the client is asked to close their eyes and simply notice whatever they notice while the practitioner forgets their embarrassment and waves their hands around their body feeling for particular sensations, noticing any registers in the client.

Trees are different. Unless you’re gifted with psychic vision (which I have not experienced since the early 70s of my hippie days) you won’t see the plant’s aura/bioluminescence/light respond.

And if your wife gets up unexpectedly early and “catches” you in the garden healing your lemon tree, you might feel somewhat embarrassed. As I did.

However, while doing this I started to notice things about that tree. One was that it might need a different kind of fertilizer, another that it had a few scale insects hiding under the new leaves and also that its excess flowers could be pinched out.

Surprisingly simple as it is, this is how our tree “got healed.” It reminds me of Eric Pearl’s suggestion to become one with the patient and heal yourself.

Sometimes our healing includes reconnecting with valuable things or lessons we’ve forgotten - which makes Reconnective Healing the perfect complimentary therapy. (Except it’s not a therapy.)

It also reminds me of some of the changes I experienced on discovering The Reconnection: connecting with family and friends more, changing my career, reading books I never would have considered, opening up to other points of view, meeting new people and even getting messages from angels!

So that lemon tree experience is teaching me about reconnecting on all levels, new and known; sometimes just forgotten.

Such is the case with using EM or Effective Microorganisms or EM Technologies and also with rediscovering Permaculture. 

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