Angelic Response to Questions about Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

Here is the full text of "Johnny's" conversation with Spirit, signed by Archangel Sandalphon and quoted elsewhere on this site. Enjoy.

The Seven Sisters/Pleiades star system


Can you please describe fully the energies I work with in Reconnective Healing?  Like, is there a name for these energies?  Is there more than one energy type we work with in Reconnective Healing?  Where do these energies originate from?  What is the mechanism for then bringing healing to people?  What is RECONNECTIVE HEALING ALL ABOUT?  Where does it come from?  Why is it here on earth?  Who is responsible for giving it to us?  Is it going to become a stronger energy?  Or is it going to stay at the same level of power? 




Firstly, let us impart to you our divine message about Reconnective Healing.  As such, it will be evident what we are about to say. 


It is a type of healing brought about by the use of “energy healing” that has not been on your planet until we instilled in your Dr. Pearl all manner of healing capabilities designed to impart healing that goes deep into the consciousness and comes out specifically so that you are left in a better state emotionally always and sometimes physically and other times left in a more conductive state regarding your mental faculties and even enables your spiritual path to be quickened.


Reconnective Healing was brought about because your species is now ready to ascend to the next level.  And this will enable the facilitation of the process whereby you can begin to ascend in an orderly fashion.


It is true that you work with only one type of energy and as such you will be in a position to foster all manner of healings through this energy.


This energy has a name which is formerly known as Mahatma Energy and was bequeathed to you through Melchizedek because it is he who bequeaths such healing energies upon your Earth.  And it is he who also sees to it you are put into a position of fostering the growth of this energy upon your planet.


You will be great teachers when the time comes because you will be responsible for seeing to it that this energy-form becomes widely-accepted as a quite separate and distinct healing method that does not rely on the usual ways of imparting healing through the conscious mind or other ways to bring about healing that involve protection and which are second-rate forms of energy healing because they do not include our divine blessing that goes with Reconnective Healing.


The healings will be advanced forms of healings because we want you to be promoted without delay so that you are able to get on with the job.


By this we mean, we want you to be able to advance in yourselves quickly and not be way-laid by cumbersome practices that involve you being misunderstood.  Instead, we will see to it you are on your way to receiving all manner of assurances, because this will be your time for advancement in the world of healing!


Be of no doubt when we say to you, your work as healers will blossom into something very spectacular.


The “strength” of the energy will be maintained while you are finding your footing in the healing world, J[ohnny].  Then at the appropriate time, you will find you are able to handle a stronger form of the same energy.  This energy form will not change but the frequency of its input will undergo a radical revamp once it is time.


The timing of this event will depend upon when we see that you are indeed ready to master a stronger form of this energy.  It won’t be until then that you will be given the opportunity to impart healings on a scale to empower the masses with your own brand of energetic imprint, because the “timing” must be correct.


You will then be instructed by us as to when we see you are ready to go forth and deliver your healings in a form that will empower people as never before.


By the end of your life, you will be receiving our input in a form that will come by way of angelic messenger specifically designed to bring about your deliverance into the angelic realm, Dear One.


We assure you that your Reconnective Healing is specifically designed to bring about healing an all levels, including the psyche, the physical body and it goes deep enough to penetrate the sub-conscious since it is in the sub-conscious mind that established patterns and codes of behaviour are able to be accessed end turned around, into something more akin to what heaven has in mind for a healthy outlook.


By this we mean, you are actually constructing all manner of linkages that help bring about healing on all levels of the psyche.  This in turn actually turns the key for further linkages to be enabled to bring the person into alignment across all aspects of being.


You will see how a change in perspective can be brought about by your Reconnective Healing, [Johnny].  Yes, it is quite powerful and we do thoroughly believe in its potential to bring healing to the masses on a grand scale.


The Reconnection will play a part in the scheme of things too, because it enables access to one’s divine pathway.  And it is for this reason that we actually hold very dear this aspect of the energy.  For it is this aspect that will foster all manner of improvements when it comes to having everyone re-enter their divine pathway.


You will find that when someone experiences The Reconnection, they are in fact experiencing divine input that specifically targets their emotional state and sets them on a path that is designed to foster change to enable them to begin again when it comes to adopting a life more suitable than the one they’ve left behind.


This is enough for now....  All will be well.


Archangel Sandalfon



© J[ohnny], 1/11/2010

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